The Ultimate Small Sitting Pool Comfort

Not just the swimmers, but the loungers also enjoy small sitting pools. They’re a great point to relax, read a book, sunbathe, eat, and take a nap in the sun. There are a large number of small swimming pool designs out there, some which don’t require a huge investment. In this post, you’ll see some awesome ideas for small sitting pools that’ll match the level of your desired comfort.


Small sitting pool with pergola

The pergola is a framework that supports climbing plants. You can arrange seating underneath it. It’ll becomecozy and attractive if you place a wooden couch there and add white cushions and multi-colored pillows. You can ask your guests to sit there, relax, have a chat, or have a drink. Or you can simply put your feet up and have fun with your friends and family near the poolside. On its ceiling, you can hang a fan and beautiful white curtains on the backside. This matches well if you have a small in-ground or above-ground swimming pool.

Deck-Level Pool

Small inground sitting pools

A deck-level small sitting pool with a black bottom is a great choice. You can place a semi-round couch and a versatile set of cushions in it. The ideal place for this sitting pool is one where you can view the indoor as well as the outdoor scenery. Hang white colored long silk curtains and put a few captain chairs in it for seating. Now, you and your friends can dip your feet into the water and relax. If you want it to resemble an outdoor room, you can place inside of it oversized seats, a waterproof television, and planters.

Small Deck Point

Small deck for pool

Another great sitting pool idea is to create a small deck area near your pool. Place red colored chairs and a circular white table nearby for a great design complement. This seating scheme is ultra-modern. If there are waterfalls in your swimming pool, it’ll add to the magical impact of your seating area.

Small Sun-Shelf

Sun shelf for small pool

In the summer, you can use a patio umbrella as a shade from the sizzling sunshine and at night you can use bright and multicolored lights. Fire lanterns and lamps can also brighten the area in the evening. This is an especially good idea if you don’t want to go outside for dinner or parties. On the edge of your spa, you can place your chairs with cushions and make it like a small room outside. This is definitely cool and soothing.

Multiple Sitting Areas

It isn’t necessary to arrange a single sitting area beside your pool. You can add multiple sitting areas where you can invite more guests to sit and dine. In these areas, simply put wrought iron seats along a rustic stone wall. Multiple umbrella seating is ideal, especially when everyone wants to do something different or get a little alone relax time.

Contemporary small sitting pool design

Outdoor small sitting pool

Small sitting pool for minimalist home

Small sitting pool for small home

Small sitting pool ideas

Small sitting pool with jacuzzi

Small sitting pool with mini fountain

Comfortable small sitting pool ideas

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