Fresh Bathroom Designs for Everybody

Your bathroom is not just a utility territory for a shower, a sink, and a toilet; it’s almost a sacred place where we clean our body and soul. So it needs an extremely special approach to its design. Modern bathroom ideas for contemporary bathroom remodeling will help to create a unique atmosphere in such a special place and impact on the comfort level of your home.

Less Is More

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A bathroom design solution for those who stand for simplicity and minimalism. Geometric shapes, pure colors, unusual, but clear lines of traditional bathroom items are highly advised. A trendy bathroom is also about picking sophisticated and calm materials like marble and granite, with some high tech flair added by the glass and shiny metal.

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub has become more and more popular in modern bathroom designs. The reason is simple: it looks bold. Freestanding tubs organize the space, taking all the attention to it. You can’t bother with any additional unusual details. The thing is to meet the right bathtub that will become an awesome center of your bathroom. It can be of familiar oval shape, rectangular, or any other that will make your heart beat faster.

Glass Shower Doors

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Glass shower doors look absolutely stunning and minimalist. They’re great for every bathroom interior style; they purify the space and make it bigger visually.

Eco Style

Refresh your simple bathroom design with eco-friendly and natural objects. Start with several living plants to create your own jungle. Be careful: choose those that love warmth and moist air. Continue with natural materials – stone and wood in the right proportions will make perfect. And finish with some cheerful green emphasis.

Eco style bathroom

Large Shower Heads

Make your next shower experience feel like your bathing in tropical rain! It feels great, we give you our word. The good thing is that large shower heads are also suitable for a small bathroom designs since it’s doesn’t consume too much square feet. If you are tired of round shower heads, consider a square one instead.

Large shower head

Smart Storage

Adding space and staying organized is the main goal of smart bathroom storage. Say “Hi!” to different shelves, mirrors with a secret (hiding some space for your stuff inside), shower, stylish hanging baskets, and decor that’s able to serve as an extra bathroom storage solution.

Bathroom storage

After all, you can take advantage of the hidden room under the sink and place sliding drawers there. Otherwise, you don’t have to hide everything! Storage systems can be both functional and open in order to demonstrate a pretty towel collection or favorite beauty tools. Unite beauty with functionality in order to renovate your bathroom!

Bathroom Tile as an Art Object

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Limited space often influences the amount of creative ideas you can enact. The good news is that if your bathroom is quite small and there’s no extra space for extra decor, original tile is definitely your choice. Freedom in tile colors, patterns, and mosaic images is one of the most working small bathroom design ideas out there.

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