5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Home Needed

You’re all moved in. Your belongings are unpacked. Your furniture has been arranged. You’ve even put a few decorations up on the walls. You’ve been settled in for a few weeks now — long enough for the newness to wear off, but the place still doesn’t feel like home. What’s missing? What do you need to complete your picture?

There are always a few things that get forgotten or that you convince yourself you do not actually need. In truth, these things — both big and small — do a lot to help you feel like you are really at home in your new place. Here are five of them:

Security System

There are plenty of DIY security measures that you can and should take yourself, but according to ADT in Pompano Beach Florida, they won’t do as much to keep yourself and your family safe as a professionally installed system (if you’re renting, talk to your landlord about footing the bill for this). For example, modern security systems also monitor for fires and carbon monoxide and can be triggered by key fobs or even with apps you download onto your smartphone (availability depends on which package you choose).

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If you are renting, your landlord likely provided some basic horizontal blinds to help you secure your privacy. The previous tenants of your new house might have left some behind as well. Do not let this be your only window coverings! Living room curtains go a long way toward turning a house into a home. You can also put up “privacy film” for extra protection and to add even more personality to your window treatments.

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You live in a new home, you need new bedding. Even if you’re using the same physical bed, a new set of sheets, a new comforter or duvet, new pillows, maybe a mattress pad to make your bed more comfortable, go all out (there are lots of great ways to save money on bedding). Turn your bed into one of the coziest most welcoming places in your home.

A Landing Strip

“Landing Strip” is a funny name for something we all tend to create whether or not we do it on purpose: it is the place in our home where we drop our keys and mail, where we set our bags, kick off our shoes, etc. You can set up this space however you like — a small table off to the side in your entry way or a larger station with a table, a mirror, a bulletin or white board for leaving messages, etc. Having a designated place where you transition from outside to inside helps you designate when you’re home and when you’re not.

Proper Lighting

This goes for inside as well as outside. Don’t just toss some floor lamps in the corners and put a dim light on your porch. Lighting can be decorative as well as functional. If you’re on a budget, take advantage of specialty shaped bulbs that go on sale during the summer and holiday seasons to add a few decorative touches to your home.

Put bright lights in lamp posts in your yard so that your yard will be bright enough to deter thieves and other people who might not be up to much good (make them motion detected so that you don’t disturb your neighbors).

There are a lot of different factors that figure into whether your house (or apartment) is just a house (or apartment) or is your home. Taking the time to transform the space into one that makes you feel comfortable and “at home” is important. These large and small touches are going to differ from person to person, but the tips we’ve listed here are a good place to start!

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