Designing Staircase Railing by Yourself

A fine-looking staircase has the potential of becoming an exquisite focal point in your house. In fact, interior designers have been focusing on stairs as their main projects for quite some time. A gorgeous staircase can be defined via several aspects. Interestingly enough, staircase railing has gradually altered from a simple look providing safety and protection to pleasing and elegant designs.

Some modern staircase railing may have a sleek and minimalist design or it can have a more classical design. If it’s more classical, expect a material made of wood and have a relatively simple, but strong, construction. A contemporary staircase should have a surprise element between stairs and the railings that are in contrast to each other. For example, if the stairs are black or white and look rather simple, the railings could have a classical, decorative look. This contrast looks amazing.

wooden Staircase Railing design

Staircase Railing for Your Home

It’s important to understand the design you want as well as who will be using your staircase. Depending on these factors, you may choose one staircase and railing combination over others. If you ever have small children in your house, then you wouldn’t want a railing that has a gap that’s too big between the railings as it may be dangerous.

However, if the design of your house is minimalist, you need a railing that looks spacious and simple. You don’t have to worry if you have children and you want a minimalist design for your staircase railing. You can have big gaps between each vertical rail and add some diagonal rails between them as a protective measure.

most unique Staircase Railing model

Of course, there are plenty of mistakes that you can make when getting the right staircase railing for your home. Here I point out for you the points to consider to prevent those mistakes:

  • Make sure the dimensions of each spindle or baluster meets the requirement set forth by your local building codes.
  • Be specific regarding the location of the newel post.
  • Do not build it according to your assumptions. Consult an architect or designer to prevent any miscalculations.
  • Make sure the height of all rises is consistent from the first step to the last step.
  • Be sure that the spindles are planted properly to prevent wobbles that may damage the railings.

unique Staircase Railing style

glass Staircase Railing

Staircase Railing for white stairs

Staircase Railing with line style

contemporary Staircase Railing ideas

wooden Staircase Railing

stylish Staircase Railing

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