How to Choose a Daybed Frame

A daybed wouldn’t be perfect without a corresponding frame. While choosing a daybed frame, you need to consider several aspects before making any purchasing decision.

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The Type of Daybed You Have

As you may already know, there exist indoor and outdoor daybeds, both of which certainly have different frame types. Indoor daybed frames have a more diverse set of material than outdoor ones, such as rubber-wood, metal, synthetic rattan, teak, and solid wood. Synthetic materials are much more suitable for outdoor daybed frames because they’re more resistant to sunlight exposure, not affected by strong humidity changes, and are also waterproof.

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Rubber-wood is a very popular material choice for daybeds today. As a matter of fact, most daybed companies design a charming combination of rubber-wood with rattan panels, which you can see as an example via the picture below.

rubberwood daybed frame with rattan panels

Daybed Frame Design

When it comes to design of your daybed, it’s absolutely influenced by the theme of your room as well as the surrounding furniture around. You should choose a daybed frame that matches with the design concept of your room. The trundle design concept is very suitable for additional sleep space, making it one of most functional daybed designs out there. If you’re interested in this design, you can usually choose oak-wood as the material. Oak-wood not only looks elegant, but it’s durable and easy to clean.

daybed frame with trundle

Maintenance Tips for Your Daybed Frame

Over time, you may find your daybed frame damaged within one to two years after purchase. This can happen for a number of reasons. The good thing about daybed frames is that they don’t require any kind of special treatment. Let’s discuss some simple tips you can follow to keep your daybed frame looking and working well.

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The important thing to know about your daybed frame is the type of material it’s made from. If yours is made from oak-wood, rubber-wood, metal, or teak wood, you can rest easy knowing your daybed has strong durability. On top of that, the level of maintenance required is very low.

When your daybed frame is dirty or dusty, you’ll need to clean it with dry fabric only. Don’t use any water, polishes, or chemicals when cleaning it. If your daybed has carvings, you may choose to use a hand vacuum cleaner.

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