5 Best Guest Room Ideas

When you have a guest or two over for the night, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable during their stay in your home.

Guest Room Ideas

Here are some wonderful ways to make your guests feel like they are “home away from home”.

1. Extra Blankets and Pillows

The key to comfort is warmth and relaxation. Having a number of different pillows available for your guests that have different degrees of firmness will allow them to use their “perfect” one.

Some people are naturally warm all the time while others generally feel cold. Having extra blankets available will make sure that your guests can be as warm or cool as they desire.

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2. Books, Magazines, and Other Reading Materials

Sometimes when experiencing a new place, it’s nice to unwind a bit before falling asleep. Many do this by reading. Having a wide selection of books in the guest room gives your guests the ability to ease themselves to sleep.

Traveling to new areas can be very exciting, but also very exhausting. Having a local newspaper can give your guest the ability to explore your hometown while relaxing in your home.

Guest room ideas

If you know your guests will have children with them, a coloring book with crayons or age appropriate books would show a lot of thoughtfulness.

3. Their Own Space

matching wallpaper and rug for guest room

This could be a physical space or simply cleaning out a closet or drawer so your guest doesn’t have to live out of a suitcase. Having their own area in the bathroom, if sharing, is also a nice touch. If a dresser is not available, make sure to have a luggage rack and somewhere to hang clothes.

4. Amenities

This can include a toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb, shampoo and soap, paper and pen, drinking water, mints, hand lotion, and the WiFi password.

Guest Room with modern bedding motif

Other thoughtful things to have are a nice fuzzy robe, slippers, and extra towels. Displaying these items in a creative way will add a personal touch.

5. A Cozy Room

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Without a cozy room your guest may as well sleep in a hotel. When setting up your guest room, make sure it’s clean, bright, and uncluttered. Curtains for privacy on the windows is a must. Good bedside lighting is also key.

Also, a waste basket should be provided as well as tissues and even a clock. A chair or other place to sit that isn’t the bed could also be a welcomed feature.

Bottom Line

Whether you are entertaining friends and family in your home or hosting people that you’ve never met in your Airbnb, include these basic essentials to make your guests feel welcomed and special.

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