Stylish Deck Flooring Design Ideas

Wood is still a major design attraction whether for your home, office, or other spaces. The main reason is due to it creating a natural yet exclusive style. For your home, wood can be applied to many things, like flooring, walls, and even for outdoor flooring, like your deck.

Deck Flooring Design Ideas

For deck flooring, you need a certain type of wood. It should be stronger and durable than your indoor wooden flooring. Deck wood flooring will be applied outside, so it should be durable for all weather conditions based on where you live.

hallway deck with wood railing

Since a deck is outdoors, the wood must have a high resistance to abrasion. You should select a solid wood, or as an alternative, use composite materials. The composite materials have the same texture like wood so it still can look natural.

A deck is usually installed on home terrace, beside the swimming pool, or in the middle of your garden with a function similar to a gazebo.

minimalist deck ideas

There are 4 types of decking:

  • Ground level patio, which is built directly on the ground surface.
  • Multi level, which is built on many surface heights.
  • Raised model, which is raised using deck legs.
  • Patio model, which is for a sloping surface.

most stylish deck ideas

Decking Maintenance

Treating your deck is similar to wooden flooring. As a matter of fact, it’s even simpler as the surface is usually laminated with a special chemical that creates a covered and shiny surface.

Mop your deck whenever it gets wet, especially between the gaps. The gaps will absorb the water and it can cause mold. Apply deck cleaner that’s designed to protect your deck from insects and mold.

wooden deck ideas

Placing furniture

When you have a wooden deck, try to select furniture that’s lighter in weight to avoid any damages to the wood surface. If it’s possible, apply rubber material on each leg of the furniture so you can avoid any scratches caused by them.

deck patio with wood material

deck with lining floor motif

deck with perfect cushions

deck with rattan outdoor furniture

deck without finishing

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