Outdoor Bars: The Best Gathering Place

Do you have a large outdoor area? If you have a garden with comfortable space, you should consider setting up an outdoor bar or dining place. Of course, we should already be familiar with outdoor dining designs, but for modern homes it would be a huge positive for your home to have an outdoor bar.

In your outdoor bar, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and enter a zone of complete relaxation. An outdoor bar would be perfect if built near the corner of your garden or even beside your swimming pool, if you have one. There you can relax for a while after swim with a drink of your choice.

Because an outdoor bar is built next to your home, you’ll certainly be visited by family members and close friends. For that reason, you should have a decorative style in mind that can support a warm and welcoming atmosphere when gathered together with your loved ones.

Outdoor bar with best lighting

The Perfect Outdoor Bar Design

First thing you need to do when getting your outdoor bar set up is to audit your entire landscape. This audit should include your home’s design concept, the available square feet, location (make sure you can get a nice scene to look out to), the decorative concept, and the equipment you’ll need to enjoy your outdoor bar.

As you get the exact details regarding your space, theme, and concept, you’ll need to come up with a working draft of how you want everything laid out. If you want a permanent outdoor bar, you’ll need to build a minimalist roof concept that’s painted with water resistant material. Your roof may need pillars as well.

Outdoor bar comfort seat

You also want to make sure your bar table matches with your roof’s color; the same or contrasting. You may coat the table’s surface with marble material for easy cleaning and maintenance. You’ll also need to find the right stools that match your design concept.

To make your outdoor bar vibrant and interesting, you’ll want to place lighting where it’s needed most. To increase the romantic and warm atmosphere, choose yellow/orange lighting. If you have curious children, it would be smart to keep the dangerous items, such as glass bottles, below the table. Maybe make a minimalist cabinet with drawers.

Don’t have a large outdoor area? You might want to simply get yourself a few small round tables (3-4 person table set) scattered in front of the bar with a sturdy umbrella as a roof. To wrap things up, place an simple electric-powered light at the center of each round table.

Outdoor bar with natural concept

Outdoor bar lighting design

Outdoor bar with wooden furniture

Outdoor bar beside pool

Outdoor bar cabinet

classical Outdoor bar idea

minimalist Outdoor bar ideas

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