13 Garden Ideas To Refresh Your Home’s Atmosphere

It’s hard to overvalue the beauty and charm of blooming greenery. If you’re lucky to have a home garden, don’t hesitate to use some garden ideas to turn it into a magical place where it’s nice to spend every spare minute from morning till night. Laying out a garden in your back yard is perfect for refreshing your home’s atmosphere.

Besides, the choice of plants, decorations, and planning solutions are nearly unlimited today. The only question is how do you imagine your personal green zone. Here are some garden ideas which may help you to decide.

Flower garden

Garden Ideas To Refresh Your Home’s Atmosphere

1. Start with Functionality

First of all, it’s important to decide what exactly do you expect from your garden. Do you want it to be a decorative green oasis or a romantic place for sweet chilling with your soulmate? A compact fruit and vegetable garden or an outside corner to rest in the shade? Understanding its practical purpose will help you to determine the rest.

2. Choosing Plants

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Secondly, search for reliable information or take a professional’s opinion on what kind of plants perfectly suit your region and how to mix them the right way. It would be heartbreaking to see a beautiful composition perishing from a hard or arid climate, so better prevent this occasion while planning. Of course, tropical mixes with palms and lianas are exotic and cool, but there are plenty of amazing evergreens and environmentally resistant plants that you will love.

3. Wooden Constructions

Garden ideas for home landscape
After the general garden plan is set up, it’s time to decorate your special area. Considering that a garden is a place where nature rules, it’s nice to support the atmosphere of your garden with similar materials. Wooden boxes, flowerpots, and stairs can look very nice, so they are among the popular ideas you should consider for your garden.

4. Boots as Pots

Garden diy plants in shoes
Giving a new life to old things is always a good idea. For example, bright and patterned rain boots easily become a pretty home for flowers. Put them on the ground or hang on a fence in order to liven up the atmosphere. In addition, children will be thoroughly entertained!

5. Patio Garden

Garden landscape ideas with pergolas
If an outside area of your home is big enough, you have almost unlimited garden options. An elegant and spacious patio will impress every guest, becoming a great place for a party, family gathering, or romantic celebration. Just make sure that there are enough comfy seats and a few tables for a meal. And as for floor covering, choose the one that is suited for dancing, such as natural stone.

6.  Garden in a Line

Home garden
A garden doesn’t necessarily need to be centered and have either a square or rectangular shape. Don’t be afraid of new organizing garden ideas! For example, it’s pretty fresh to plant a long garden bed lengthwise along your house line. Use a mix of miniature shrubs and low-growing annual plants to create a curious view.

7. Flower Power

Landscape colouful garden
Have you ever dreamt of your personal blooming paradise? Let the dreams come true this season right in your back yard. When flowers of various colors, sizes, heights, and textures are unexpectedly combined in a unique garden collection, your landscape will appear lovely and vibrant.

8. Color Match

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Your garden zone may be decorated not only with plants, but with stylish furniture, textiles, rugs, and various fancy objects as well. Creativity in colors and patterns emphasizes the natural beauty of greenery and puts the individuality of your garden on a new level. Remember that colors of warm shades add energy, while the “colder” colors have a slightly refreshing effect.

9. Hung up Pots

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A set of minimalistic garden pots with a unique plant in each of them can look unexpected and pretty. So, if you are in a search of good decorative garden ideas, but don’t want to overburden space, you may want to ponder this one over a bit.

10. The Chill Zone

Small garden with sitting place
A special place to chat in a good company or have some privacy can be hidden at the bottom of your garden. Several benches, chairs, or even a sofa surrounded by thicket would kindly invite anyone to have a seat. In addition, a solid wood or plastic awning will hide guests from rain and sun rays.

11. Add Some Heat

Spring garden ideas garden outdoor
Having a fireplace in your garden may sound strange, but in reality it appears to be a great idea. It looks extremely romantic and mysterious in the evening and, furthermore, sets a special atmosphere in your garden lounge. Consider choosing a modern minimalist fireplace since it’s a perfect garden idea for almost every style.

12. A Verdant Hedge

Traditional garden
Another idea for a spacious garden is setting a big hedge. There can be a lot of variations of this garden idea: evergreen hedge, flowery hedge, deciduous hedge, and others. It may be untrimmed or cut, depending in your taste. Probably, you would like to complete the view with an ornamental stone fence for an antique look.

13. A Log Footpath

Wooden garden ideas
Nothing can feel more natural and organic than a handmade log footpath. It’s easily made and harmoniously combined with the rest of your garden’s decorations. Not only that, but it’s also affordable for most budgets, therefore such a trail is an amazing garden idea.


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