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22 Stunning Yellow Living Room Decor

Coming up with a yellow living room is a great idea. Yellow is one of those colors that are said to give off a calm and soothing effect. It has the ability to relax our senses and evokes an optimistic and joyful state of mind.

Yellow is also associated with happiness, cheerfulness and laughter. So if you want to create a happy and cheerful environment, then a yellow living room would be a great idea.

Fitz and Floyd

How To Infuse Yellow To Your Living Room

There are many ways you can infuse the yellow color in your living room. You can choose to paint your wall yellow or you can accessorize the space with yellow furniture and fixtures.

Artistic yellow living room ideas

Blue yellow living room ideas

The yellow color is available in different shades. You don’t need to focus in just one shade when decorating your living room. You can opt for buttery yellow, light gold and warm honey.

Paint your wall in the light shade of yellow then accessorize the space with white accessories, such as a white sofa and coffee table. Hang curtains with yellow floral print to make the space look even more sophisticated.

Cozy yellow living room ideas

Cozy yellow living room

Elegant yellow living room

The best thing about using the yellow color for your interior design is that you can match it with pretty much any color that you want. Aside from white, the color also complements well with gray and black.

Ethnic yellow living room

Green yellow living room

Decorating A Yellow Living Room

You can decorate your yellow living room in various ways. The most common approach is through the use of furniture. Place a yellow sofa in one corner of your living room or a yellow painted coffee table in the side.

Grey yellow living room

Moroccan yellow living room

Decorate the space with a combination of yellow and gray throw pillows. The bright shade of yellow complements well with the subtle shade of gray.

Rustic yellow living room ideas

If you want to bring nature into your living room, decorate the space with real flowers, such as yellow tulips. Place the flowers in a beautiful vase and decorate in your center table, side table or right above a living room cabinet.

Soft yellow living room ideas

Soft yellow living room

Neutral tones like tan and beige can also be used along with the yellow shade. These colors help to make your interiors feel natural and clean.

Yellow living room design

Yellow living room for small area

Yellow living room ideas

Green and blue also complements with the yellow color. You can have a wallpaper with yellow and blue prints. Then place a dark yellow sofa in the middle that will serve as the focal point of your living room design.

Yellow living room sofa set

Yellow living room sofa

Yellow living room with abstract wall painting

An oversized yellow painting can also be hanged on your living room wall. You can also opt for a huge portrait with a yellow frame.

The use of yellow shade can also be followed in your window treatments. Yellow blinds and curtains can help to make your living room look sophisticated and bright.

Yellow living room with colorful furniture

Yellow living room with knitted furniture

Coming up with a yellow living room should be easy. Start by painting the walls. You can opt for lighter hue of yellow for the wall. Or better yet, paint the wall in white then decorate the space with yellow furniture.

Regardless of the approach you will go for, avoid overdecorating the space with the yellow color. Doing so will make the space feel cramped and overbearing.

Yellow living room with wooden floor

Yellow living room

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