Wallpaper Ideas for Your Living Room

In the 1990s, people began shying away from wallpaper. Mostly because the old patterns that we all grew up with were a bit ugly, it was a pain to put up, and it was worse to take down.

But now, things have changed. Wallpaper is stylish, easier to put up, and not as bad to take down. Wallpaper has had new life breathed into it. Here are some ideas for wallpaper for a living room.

Abstract wallpaper for living room

Too Much Wallpaper?

One of the things that overwhelmed us about wallpaper was that it was literally everywhere. On every wall in every room. Sometimes even on the ceilings. Now, designers have discovered that wallpaper with bold designs are best suited for an accent wall.

That isn’t to say that if you really like a wallpaper style that you absolutely cannot put it up in an entire room. But as with most designs, less is more. So really look at the strength of your wallpaper that you are putting in your living room so you don’t drown it in color or pattern.

Stylish wallpaper for living room

So Many Types of Wallpaper to Choose From

Yes, they still make the actual wallpaper like the good ol’ days with the design printed on one side of the paper and the glue on the other side. But there are more! Now you can get vinyl wallpaper, wallpaper with and without glue, fabric wallpaper, fuzzy wallpaper, metallic wall paper, grass wallpaper (yep, made with real plants), silk, fiberglass, faux brick and real bamboo wallpaper, just to name a few. You can get any color or texture that you wish for the perfect wallpaper for your living room design.

Shining wallpaper for living room

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Color

You can get any pattern of wall paper today that you want. Anything from large bold designs to subtle, single color wallpaper. But don’t be afraid to take chances in your living room and make that boring wall into a feature wall. Feature walls are great because they add interest, color, movement, and “wow” without being too much. Because all of this is going on only one wall.

Varied wallpaper for living room combination

Appreciate the Subtle

There are many bold patterns with bright colored wallpaper out there, but there are also many large patterns with subtle colors. These would be more suitable for wallpapering an entire living room, but, again, take everything into consideration. These can add class and sophistication without being in your face.

Purple wallpaper for living room

Borders Open Up Opportunity

If you don’t want to commit to a feature wall or that just isn’t in your personal design plan, you can add a bit of pop with a border. But borders don’t have to be at the very top of the wall by the ceiling. They can be down by the baseboards, too. Or both! Just make sure you have balance. Another neat idea for the border wallpaper in your living room is to put it as a chair rail.

Border wallpaper for living room

Accessorize Appropriately

It does not matter how bold and colorful or chic and modern your wallpaper is. If you put the wrong accessories in the room you can destroy the character of the living room. The neat thing about accessories is that if your wild wallpaper seems to be a bit excessive, adding the right, furniture, wall hangings, and knick-knacks can tone the wallpaper down. And if your wallpaper is subtler, you can use it to accentuate the accessories in the room.

Wallpaper for living room in pastel colors

Wallpaper Instead of Paint?

This is also an option. Wallpapering an entire living room is absolutely doable. Wallpaper does come in solid colors. Making this choice depends on how much you dislike painting but enjoy wallpaper. For some, wallpaper is cleaner, covers better, and is neater. For others, wallpaper does not require nearly as many specialized tools. Wallpaper can be easier to clean and can add just a touch more character than paint can.

Wallpaper is not the tired old stuff from your grandma’s house. Current wallpaper comes in every size, color, shape, and texture that you can imagine. Making your wallpapered living room anything but boring.

Contemporary wallpaper for living room in beige color

How to choose wallpaper for living room

Off black wallpaper for living room

Wallpaper for living room with best lighting

Wallpaper for living room

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