Smart Living Room Decorating

A living room is a center of attention in any house. It’s a multipurpose space, being a place to meet guests and throw parties, relax and chill in a family circle, read something interesting, and more.

That’s why a smart living room should be carefully planned and decorated to match the general interior concept and your lifestyle.

Smart living room with colorful combination

A Smart Living Room: The First Step

First of all, a smart living room is a functional space that should meet all the demands you throw at it. Arrange everything according to your personal preferences and lifestyle. You may not need a huge sofa and several armchairs if you don’t tend to have a lot of visitors. Instead, it may be reasonable to place something that you are going to use often. For example, a stylish bookcase or even a real home library.

Smart living room with chic furniture

Minimalistic Touch

Are you a fan of minimalism? If so, you may be interested in creating a clear space in your living room. Choose furniture and accessories of geometrical forms and calm colors that match each other. Focus on white shades as they are a perfect decoration base. Also, a low coffee table in eastern style will suit such a living room perfectly.

Smart living room with white sofa

A Corner Sofa

A comfy and good-looking corner sofa is one of the key elements in a smart living room. Before ordering one, take heed of choosing the appropriate covering. There are plenty of materials from traditional leather and textile to technologically innovative coverings that are resistant to dirt and wear.

Smart living room with natural style


A monochrome color palette in a living room interior looks elegant and chic. Less is more, as they say. Black, gray, white, beige – classic shades are always on point.

Smart living room with black basic color

Turning on the Lights

Even if the windows in your living room are too small to let enough sunlight inside, this situation is fixable. There are several decoration tricks that can make any space visually sunny. For example, warm and bright colors in wall painting and accessories, proper lighting, posters or pictures with “summer” inspiration (flowers, for example), and furniture of light shades.

Smart living room with elegant style

Beautiful View

Glass walls are among the most impressive and trendy smart living room solutions. They look absolutely stunning in big, modern houses that take place in picturesque surroundings. Besides, glass walls visually broaden the already spacious room.

Smart living room with best view

Faux Stone

A living room wall decorated with urestone sheets catches the eye and brings some wild vibes to the interior. There are many original stone textures on the market to create something extraordinary for your living room.

contemporary living room with comfortable decorating

Comfort Zone

If your home isn’t big enough for making a separate living room, think about smart zoning. A minimalistic partition or a folding screen will divide a space providing you with two rooms instead of one. By the way, a partition can become an additional storage option.

modern Smart living room

Smart Storage

Who said that you can’t hide your possessions beautifully? Modern storage constructions are so different in shapes and colors that they remind me more of decorative elements than regular pieces of furniture. Something that keeps things stored as well as pleases the eye is obviously a right choice for a smart living room.

Smart living room with stylish concept

Home Cinema

Sometimes it’s more pleasant to sit alone in front of the TV for a couple of hours and enter a personal state of relaxation. For those who like this idea, a TV panel in a living room is essential. Everything is simple here: find the one you love and don’t hang it too low or too high. Make sure you are comfortable with the distance between the TV and the seating zone, and, if so, enjoy!

Smart living room lighting

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