Smart Apartment Living Room Design

Living in an apartment can be a challenge at times. They can sometimes feel a bit small for individuals or families to live in and sometimes it feels like they’re never tidy enough due to limited space. However, we have a solution for your apartment living room design in order to make it seem larger.

Smart Apartment Living Room Design Ideas

One smart apartment living room design idea is to use light colors on your walls and floors. Soft colors can make a room look bigger and brighter. You can also add a shimmering lamp, light fixture, or object that’ll reflect the light.

colorful apartment living room design

A great tip to for a smart apartment living room design is to store your stuff vertically. This can save a huge amount of space. You can easily install shelves on your walls or use a bookshelves. It’s also good if you have a bookshelf that reaches the ceiling because it’ll provide you with more space.

You want to think twice about the unused spaces in your apartment, like the corners of your rooms You can squeeze in a small cozy chair in room corners or a nightstand to give an extra accent for your room.

small apartment living room design

Consider matching the color of your curtains with your wall so that it’ll create an unbroken line. This will make your apartment living room feel larger. It’s often suggested that you use a curtain with a vertical line pattern as this can make a low ceiling feel higher.

Rather than purchase dual-purpose furniture, you can use your bookshelves for your books as well as a place souvenirs, decorations, or as a place to store your belongings.

You can also try to move your furniture away from your walls a bit. This will obviously add some space between them, but will also create a more open feeling. It’ll also protect your walls from scratches created by your furniture.

Your average apartment won’t give you too much space to work with. However, it’s important for you to reveal a welcoming atmosphere so that families or guest feel relaxed. Some of your creativity may allow you to come up with great ideas of smart apartment living room designs no matter how small it is.

apartment living room design with simple rugs

comfortable apartment living room design

lighting for apartment living room design

black and white apartment living room design

off white apartment living room design

apartment living room design with wooden floor

apartment living room design

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