Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Can you spot the difference between “my living room is an area which has many things with little space” and “this room has very few things and the space is huge.” I think I made this a bit too easy, but you get the point. Having a minimalist living room means opting for the second sentence, which can be rather easy if you have the right eye for it.

Black and white Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist living rooms are very popular today. However, some people still design their place to look like a museum, which consists of a lot of furniture, decorations, and fancy things in the living area. A minimalist living room is all about how you manage your living space, its energy, and making it easy to clean.

Minimalist Living Room Space

Before getting rid of your furniture, let’s do a quick overview on your area. It’s better to have plenty of natural light as well as a combination of neutral colors to make it look brighter overall.

Also, the floor should be very clear with no distractions. Don’t put too many things on it. The less, the better.

Minimalist Living Room lighting

Treat your wall exactly as you treat your floor; less is more. You don’t want to make your place look like a photography studio or art exhibition. Clear it all out except for 1-2 pieces of nice, simple art.

Now that your area is ready, let’s move onto the next step.

Minimalist Living Room Furniture

Don’t put any furniture in your living that you don’t actually need. Minimalist living rooms don’t require too much furniture. You must simplify everything. What you really need are chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table. If you have more space, then you can maybe add an entertainment cabinet.

That’s it. As I said above, less is more. Your furniture’s job is done.

Minimalist Living Room concept

Minimalist Living Room Decoration

Even if you want a minimalist living room, that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to decorate your place. You can hang one or two simple pieces of art on your wall, get a floor lamp to lighten up the room, put a rug underneath your coffee table that matches with your color theme, and find a place for one or two vases to lift the mood.

off white Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Roomwith wooden floor

Minimalist Living Room decorating

Minimalist Living Room with plant

Minimalist Living Room ideas

Minimalist living room ideas

Minimalist living room with stylish lighting

Minimalist living room with wide window

Minimalist living room for small space

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