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25 Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern has its own meanings and perceptions in various aspects, including the decor. How to build a modern home design certainly depends on our individual tastes. Just like when you want to design a modern living room, it does not mean that you have to build the latest century home or completely remodel every corner of your living room. Try to make your modern living room, without having to spend an excess budget.

Modern living room concept

Fitz and Floyd

The contrasting color of grey and white has made this living room to look more elegant. The use of glass is also evident, which has made the place to look even more sophisticated.

Modern living room decor

This living room opens up to the outdoors, giving your home a light and airy feel. The wooden table and stairs complement well with the grey interiors.

Modern living room design and interior

Modern design is also about the use of dark colors, such as this living room that looks elegant with its dark colored carpeting and furniture.

Modern living room design

This is another modern living room that opens up to the outside. The view of the pool has made the place to look even more stunning.

Modern living room fireplace

This living room evokes a cozy vibe, thanks to the beautiful fireplace, which complements well with the neutral colors of the seating.

Modern living room for narrow space

The white seating area serves as the focal point of this modern designed living room.

Modern living room for wide area

This is a great inspiration for those with ample sized living room space.

Modern living room ideas

The plain white walls have made this modern room to look even more sophisticated.

Modern living room in gray theme

A great way to make your living space look airy and bright is to install floor to ceiling glass doors, as seen on this photo.

Modern living room in natural touch

This modern space also evokes a rustic vibe, thanks to the brick wall pattern behind the TV.

Modern living room interior design

If your interiors are plain white, decorate the space with furniture that has a contrasting color, such this black living room sofa.

Modern living room interior

Sure, modern decorating is all about neutral tones. But you can also infuse it with some colors in the form of a yellow chair and throw pillows.

Modern living room with best interior

Another way to infuse color to your living space is through the use of dark purple pillows and throws.

Modern living room with black and white theme

An all white interior is a great way to make a small living room to look more spacious and bright.

Stylish apartment 3d rendering

Modern living room with glass wall

This is another great inspiration for an ample sized living room.

Modern living room with natural schemes

The use of lights is a great way to give your modern living room a cozy and romantic vibe.

Modern living room with perfect wall theme

The brick walls are a perfect contrast to the grey colored walls and furniture.

Modern living room with simple interior

The red pillows and decors have made this modern living room look even prettier.

Modern living room with unique lighting

This small but elegant living room is a great inspiration for high-rise apartments and condominiums.

Modern living room

Having an all white seating area is a great way to make your modern living room to stand out.

Nifty modern living room ideas

You can bring in the feel of nature into your modern living room by decorating it with real plants, such as an indoor banana plant.

Small modern living room ideas

The elephant painting certainly makes this small living room look even more charming.

White modern living room with gray interior

Instead of going white in everything, add some light grey colors in the form of the ceiling or TV wall.

White modern living room

The beige seating in this living room perfectly complements the wooden furniture and fixtures.

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