Decorating and Organizing Your Minimalist Kitchen

Living simply is a choice many people are making these days. It would make sense that a minimalist kitchen is one part of living that life. Some people choose to have a minimalist kitchen because they have a small kitchen and others just desire a simpler kitchen.

Just because you are living minimally doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. By simply utilizing the existing space and the right tools, you can have a minimal kitchen and not miss any of your gadgets.

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Simplify by Reduction

Most people have an excess of knives, pots, pans, mixing bowls, cookie sheets, and gadgets galore. Think about it. Do you really need as many as you have? Is it fun to have lots of things? OK, sometimes yes. Is it expensive? Definitely. But most minimalists suggest a total of 3 knives, 2 pots and pans with interchangeable tops, and gadgets that can be used for multiple uses. Less is more.

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Organize Your Kitchen Inside the Cabinets and Out

If you look at any minimalist kitchen, the counters are clear, everything has its place, and everything is in its place. Put all items where they make sense; pots and pans by the stove, dishes and silverware by the sink, spices close to the stove. If it doesn’t fit into your organizational plan, get rid of it. Or if you are attached to it, hide it behind a cabinet door or junk drawer.

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Remove All of Your Unnecessary Clutter

Some minimalists even suggest getting rid of your microwave. For some of us, that is extreme. But the theory is solid. If you don’t use it, get rid of it or don’t buy it. If you don’t think you will use something more than three times a week, don’t buy it.

Then go through your kitchen and for each item ask yourself the same thing. Discard those you won’t use often and don’t replace them. You will be amazed how many unnecessary items you can remove and how much money you will save.

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Hang Things up to Reduce Clutter and Increase Organization

Get a pot and pan hanger, magnetic knife strip (for both pots and pans and knives), and hanging spice rack for inside a cupboard. This will allow you to see everything you have and will keep your kitchen supplies from piling up and looking messy. Give everything a place so you can put everything away.

Hanging storage for kitchen

Keep Your Minimalist Kitchen Minimal

Once you get your kitchen simplified and organized, keep it that way. Don’t get rid of your excess clutter then go buy more. Appreciate the simplicity of your kitchen and the pride and stress free feeling it gives you.

Minimalist kitchen and backsplash

Modern Minimalist Decor for a Small Kitchen

Now that you have a minimalist kitchen, how do you decorate it? How you would expect: less is more.

A modern decor uses a single, simple, light color pallet. Cabinets, counter-tops, back splash dinner table, chairs, flooring should all be light and bright and simple.

Black and white minimalist kitchen

Cabinets and appliances should have clean lines and sharp angles. This will give the illusion of space.

Small plants in containers that match your light color scheme can be set on the counter-top or island for a minimalist pop of color. Keeping it small will not overwhelm your small kitchen.

Avoid using your fridge to display art or keep track of coupons. Instead, use the fridge for what it was made for; keeping food cold. Even one Christmas card hung up on the refrigerator can disrupt the entire minimalist vibe.

Fridge in kitchen

Open, stainless steel shelving can be a way to keep your kitchen simple while adding some character. The key is keeping everything on the shelving neat and organized because everything is now on display.

Open shelving is not for everyone. But you can still make your cabinets a statement piece while keeping your modern minimalist kitchen design by adding mirrored or glass doors.

Glass door cabinets kitchen

A minimalist kitchen is not for everyone. But many people who choose this state that they feel less stressed, more organized, have more pride for themselves and their home, and save money. Minimalism does not mean boring. You can have a very stylish modern kitchen and still enjoy you minimalist kitchen.

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