Modern Victorian Kitchen Design

What does a modern Victorian kitchen look like? It can be confusing using the words “modern” and “Victorian” in the same sentence as we know that Victorian kitchens are more aligned with traditional and semi-classical designs. Actually, we can modify it a bit to look a bit more modern. For example, we could replace the wood burning stove with a modern stove top or replace the scullery with a dishwasher.

Furniture That Should Exist

A dresser is a piece of fitted furniture for a Victorian kitchen which represents the original Victorian style. This dresser could bring a lot of advantages, not only in terms of beautifying your kitchen but making a more efficient storage space for our everyday items.

Having a kitchen table is a must have piece of furniture which completes a Victorian kitchen. Placing a plain teak wood table with modern glass chairs around it could bring a modern atmosphere to your Victorian kitchen with little effort.

Having a sink is a necessity. Originally it was located at the scullery. For your sink’s material, you can choose from porcelain or enamel over cast iron. Cast iron is extremely durable, heavy, resists staining, and resists chipping.

The Proper Finishing

One of the most important things to consider is lighting. As a matter of fact, task lighting could be the best option for your modern Victorian kitchen. Task lighting is simple and elegant and is mainly found located above the central island. Chandeliers with simple plain shades could be another option for your kitchen. I suggest you place lights in each corner of your kitchen to better emphasize the beauty of your modern Victorian kitchen.

A modern Victorian kitchen couldn’t be complete without the presence of tiles. Have you heard of subway tiles? These could be the best tiles to be placed in your modern Victorian kitchen because they feature a contemporary design concept with traditional twist.

When it comes to the layout, most modern Victorian kitchens have a central work-space (like a kitchen island), plain cupboards, and open upper shelving. This is truly a design for the busy cook. Functional, efficient, and traditional molding would be well-presented here. Wooden back-splashes and units could strengthen the Victorian concept even further.


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