20 Marvelous Industrial Kitchen Designs

Industrial kitchens are becoming quite trendy in kitchen interior design these days. More and more homeowners are opting for the industrial design when remodeling or building a new kitchen. This is because this design is not only practical and robust, but beautiful and eclectic as well.

Achieve the industrial look for your kitchen by using unrefined and raw materials. Opt for steel, timber, or concrete. These materials are often common in industrial spaces. Let’s take a look at some of these design inspirations.

Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Concrete is a common material used in building an industrial kitchen. Blend it with dark cabinetry, timber, and other wooden elements. Unfinished walls, as well as exposed beams and pipes, are also common in an industrial interior design.

Best industrial kitchen island

Timber used for industrial kitchens can vary from those that look sharp to the most basic rustic look. This material is perfect for industrial interior design since it gives off a sense of history and nature. Combine it with modern kitchen appliances, such as a stainless steel fridge. These elements contrast nicely with each other.

Best industrial kitchen

Stainless steel is a material that’s often linked to modern kitchen spaces. It can also be seen in various commercial kitchens. It is non-porous, robust, and hygienic, which is perfect for any kitchen space.

Black industrial kitchen

Combine stainless steel with warm materials like brick to make the space look more striking and elegant.

Contemporary industrial kitchen ideas

Brick is a common material for kitchen design. Combine it with some other less traditional materials and it can result in a fresh and modern industrial space.

Grey industrial kitchen

Industrial kitchen design ideas

Paint your kitchen white for a more classic and less cluttered look. White can generally make a space to appear bigger and it’s a good start if you want to make your industrial kitchen look clean and organized. White is also a great choice of color if you want your kitchen to look clean and united.

Industrial kitchen design

Industrial kitchen ideas

Designing an Industrial Kitchen

Industrial spaces have greatly influenced the way kitchens are designed these days. In fact, warehouses are now being transformed into living spaces and offices.

When it comes to designing an industrial kitchen, a sense of rawness should be applied. Sleek cabinetry, antique furniture, and chandelier lighting can be used as decorative pieces.

Industrial kitchen lighting ideas

An industrial kitchen can have a refined and classic look, but with a unique industrial charm. Fill your space with eclectic furniture. Use bold lighting to illuminate the space and invest on commercial grade appliances.

Industrial kitchen with breakfast nock

Leave the exposed beams in its bare natural color. Otherwise, paint it white or other neutral shades. Doing so can help to make your kitchen look more subtle and feminine.

Industrial kitchen with wooden floor

Industrial kitchen

Give your kitchen its own character and charm by decorating it with personalize materials. Look for custom made accessories that are made from concrete and timber.

Inspiring industrial kitchen

Minimalist industrial kitchen design

Mistic industrial kitchen

There are so many ways you can personalize the look of your industrial kitchen. Instead of erasing time by decorating it with shiny furniture, embrace the look by allowing the history of the space to be revealed. This is exactly what the essence of an industrial kitchen is.

Modern industrial kitchen

Natural industrial kitchen

Small industrial kitchen ideas

Stylish industrial kitchen

The real industrial kitchen

Unique industrial kitchen island

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