Simplify Your Kitchen with Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets

A freestanding kitchen cabinet is a type of base cabinet that comes with legs. Except for its legs, the entire cabinet is completely elevated. Nowadays, it’s rare to find freestanding cabinets in kitchens. When they do appear, they look unique and somewhat different from the usual kitchen cabinets.

In the recent years, there’s been a comeback of freestanding kitchen cabinets. These days, more and more homeowners are choosing this type of cabinet for their kitchen storage. Maybe you should, too.

Advantages of a Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet

A freestanding kitchen cabinet differs from the usual cabinet in the sense that they do not come with a toe-kick. In addition, they’re not required to be attached to the back wall during installation. Moreover, these cabinets do not have any smaller loose items, such as pantries, rolling carts, baking racks, etc.

The biggest advantage of the freestanding kitchen cabinet is the ease of cleaning. Since it doesn’t come with a toe-kick, it would be easy for the mop to pass underneath it. The cabinet is also known for its classic elegant look, which enhances the overall look of your kitchen space.

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A freestanding kitchen cabinet is often moveable. This means that you’ll enjoy greater flexibility when working in your kitchen. The cabinets come with legs that you can individually lower or raise. This allows for the easy adjustment just in case the floor is uneven.

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Another great thing about a freestanding kitchen cabinet is that it’s much easier to install. Unlike the conventional type of kitchen cabinets, the freestanding can be possibly installed without professional help.

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Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Freestanding kitchen cabinets are available in different designs and styles. The cabinet is distinguished for its classic look. Thus, it’s the perfect choice if you want a rustic theme for your kitchen space.

Depending on the design that you will go for, these cabinets look gorgeous. Choose those that are made using traditional construction methods, such as dovetailing and tenon joinery if you want something elegant.

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When shopping for a freestanding kitchen cabinet, choose something that matches with the furniture and fixtures in your kitchen. As mentioned, it’s known for its classic look so it’s best suited for traditionally designed kitchens. Unfortunately, freestanding cabinets cost more than the traditional cabinets, so it may not be a good option if you are trying to save money.

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Despite the fact that a freestanding kitchen cabinet is more expensive than other types of kitchen cabinets, they’re worth the investment. As mentioned, these cabinets come with many benefits. They can enhance the look and feel of your kitchen space and improve its functionality as well.

Just make sure you purchase something that’s made of durable materials. Look for a manufacturer that has a reputation for selling high quality kitchen furniture. They should also provide after sales service. You can purchase ready-made cabinets or pay for a custom made cabinet.

So if you’re searching for a cabinet to replace your old kitchen cabinets, choose a freestanding kitchen cabinet.

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