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20 Modern Table Lamps Ideas That Looks Cool

Lamps are the unsung hero of design.

They can be the one single item that will pull a design together.

Fitz and Floyd

And luckily for us, there are so many to choose from!

Here are 20 modern table lamps ideas that look cool.

Bender modern table lamp black

Simple,  Chic,  Functional,  Modern, Bold. This is the perfect accessory to a modern home for a few reasons.  First, the angle and the base.  Wow!  A great fit into any modern design.  But also, that color.  Many people might shy away from a black table lamps.  But why?  The design, size and shape are a great complement to any modern room.

Ceramic nature pineapple table lamp cotemporary

Who doesn’t love a pineapple?  OK, maybe a pineapple lamp appeals to fewer, specific design tastes.  But this table lamp is really very versatile.  White goes well in any design.  And the metallic crown of the base is actually very appealing in many designs.  The combination of white and metallic is a classic look.

Contemporary floor and table lamps

For true modern lamps, look no further.  If “modern” was a lamp, it would be the above one.  The clean lines, sharp angles, and uniqueness of the design screams “I belong in a modern design”.  But at the same time, this design is also so functional.  The way the light is hung means that the light goes out and around instead of up, as many other table lamps do.  Let’s be honest, it just looks cool.

Cool modern table lamps

This table lamp would look better in a more classical design.  While it has the metallic base, this metallic is brushed making it slightly dull and does not have the sharp angles most modern designs seek.  However, it is all modern in its height.

Bedroom nightstand lamps

Let’s not make the mistake of saying only living rooms can be modern.  Bedrooms can be as well.  In this example, the base is a combination of straight lines with just a touch of contemporary in the glass and the curves.  The light shade is not bell shaped but rather cylindrical making it a perfect, subtle table lamp addition to your design.

Modern table lamp with crystal base

Glass is a great option.  Especially in a table lamp design like this, because it is sturdy, solid, but visually, very easy on the eyes.  There is minimal light refraction.  It goes with any style because honestly, there is not much to be seen.

Modern table lamps with glass shades

For something on a smaller scale, this pair is a great option.  The concrete base with the small light in the wine glass shaped glass is so unique.  It is small, yet emits a great amount of light.  They are small, yet still make a statement.  The only way these could possibly disappoint was if you mistook them for your glass of wine…

Modern transparent table lamp

Just because you have a modern style, doesn’t mean you don’t love animals.  While the shape itself is not clean lines, the designer of this table lamp made the lines very clean, very sharp but did it in such a way that you know exactly what you are looking at.  And the geometrical accent lines are so modern.  The neat thing about this table lamp is the shape, obviously, but also that it is not so specific of design that it can’t be included in most styles.

Modern table lamps for home improvement

This a great table lamp because it inspires the imagination.  You don’t see a boring old lamp when you look at it.  You see a spaceship.  Or a flower getting ready to bud.  Or an umbrella on a beach.  But even after all of those thoughts, it is a modern table lamp.  The curve of the base and the shade would be a great addition to a modern office, bedroom or as a reading lamp in a living room.

Pelle table lamp asymmetrical

At first glance you may argue that this is not a modern table lamp.  The round bulbs and brushed metallic base don’t look  modern at first.  But the actual design, the balance of the lights, the uniqueness off the metal and the curves.  For a design that is a combination of modern and not so modern, this table lamp would be perfect.

Pure white table lamp

White is a classic color.  It goes well with any style.  But the angles and geometric shapes in this table lamp add subtle visual interest while keeping with the modern theme.  This isn’t your basic table lamps!  It’s all that and more!

Sphere stem table lamp modern

This table lamp also reminds me of a flower.  But a modern flower.  Its height, clean line and large round light is a perfect example of simple modern design.

Table lamp

This is definitely a cool table lamp.  Most lamp shades are some form of white.  But the color on this lamp shade is more of a buckskin.  The equal circles of the base add a bit of modern, while the color of the lamp and shade lean toward the rustic design.   A great table lamp for those with mixed styles.

Table lamps with glass and steel base

This is such a nice clean look for a lamp.  Unlike the glass table lamps we have looked at previously, this has substance, design and interest.  The metallic base makes it that much more modern.  The not-flared lamp shade also does.  But again, because it is glass, it is a more subtle table lamp which can fit in to most design spaces.

Table lamps
While the design of this table lamp is fairly common, the materials are so unique.  The hammered metal is so uncommon that it is sure to attract a lot of attention no matter where it is placed in your design.  While it doesn’t have clean lines that we normally attribute to a modern design, this would fit in nicely.

Textured base table lamps

Everything about this table lamp is modern.  The angles within the base and the metallic make up make it great for modern room.  Even the flared shade looks great in contrast to the straight lines.

Triangle table lamp

This is unlike any table lamp I have ever seen.  Thought it is made of primarily wood, (not a very modern look), the angles of the lamp itself and the light that it emits makes this a wonderfully unique addition to a modern design.

Unique modern table lamp

This is the most un-lamp lamp that we have on this list.  It reminds me of the Parthenon and the light bulb is the God to pay homage to.  Being on the smaller size, this table lamp is great for a smaller area.  A desk, side table or even just as a decoration.  Because it is a cool table lamp.

Unique modern table lamps for bedroom

This table lamp is very retro but has a strong modern design as well.  While the design itself is predominantly circles, the solid line running through them adds linear balance up to the cylindrical lamp shade.  The metallic accents make this lamp very interesting to look at.  It would be a great centerpiece in a room.

Wooden base table lamp

To wrap up our list, we go back to simple.  If you are ever not sure about a table lamp in a space, start simple.  You can always upgrade to more visual interest later.  The simple, modest lines and light colors make this a great lamp for someone who is trying out a modern design or someone who needs to balance other strong design pieces.

Modern is a wonderful look!  And as we can see from these 20 modern table lamps, there are many options when you need to add character or balance to your room in the form of a table lamp.

Don’t forget that modern can be in any room of your house that you like.  There are plenty of lamps to fit that space!


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