How to Give a Modern Look to Your Gallery Wall

Making your gallery wall a beautiful piece of artwork by giving it a modern look is certainly achievable. The beautiful display of your photos and paintings should be showcased in the best way possible. There are many designing options and styles for arranging your gallery wall.

Let’s take a look at how to give a modern look to your gallery wall in a quick and easy way.

How to Give a Modern Look to Your Gallery Wall

Step 1: Choose the Wall.

Gallery wall for black wall

At first, choose the wall that you want to upgrade. It’s best to choose a wall with a large area. You can also give a style to an awkward space with artwork. The best location for a gallery wall is near the front of your home so that when you enter, you can visualize the beauty of your gallery wall right away.

Step 2: Select the Style.

Gallery wall for girls bedroom

After selecting the wall area, it’s time to determine the style. What images will be suitable that could match with the furnishings and decor of your room? Take time to sort out black and white or colorful art work. Then think of ordering the wall in a symmetrical way or an organic free flowing style. Estimate the space you have.

Step 3: Arrange Images on the Floor.

Gallery wall for living room

Before you hang your art, lay everything out on the floor first. What would you like, a horizontal or a vertical look for your gallery wall? Put all of your effort and ideas into giving your gallery wall a unique impression. Framed wall paper or patterned fabric can enhance the beauty of your gallery wall.

Step 4: Hang Your Gallery Wall.

Gallery wall for white wallpaper

Nailing your art, photos, and frames can be a good way to secure them to your wall, but it can damage your wall as well. There are other options to hang a gallery wall. Picture hanging strips are strong  and can hold heavy items. These strips have nylon fabric backing, so they’re easy to stick and removing them won’t harm your wall.

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