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Best Fragrance for Home

Today, fragrance for home has special attention by many people and become a market demand at any places. We can see the reality by counting how many products are sold and how many stores are selling the products.

Fragrance for Home with aroma therapyThe most fragrance for home demanded is essential oil that usually sold in a single package with dried flowers.
For you to know and surely many people know that there are 2 type of fragrance sold in the market, a synthetic fragrance or made from chemical and natural fragrance. The synthetic home fragrance is like spray, candles or electric room fragrance. While for natural fragrances are mainly made from essential oil that used for an aromatherapy.

Fitz and Floyd

So, what is the difference among those fragrances?

Fragrance for Home with candleLet us testify it one by one and begin from the natural fragrance, essential oil. For the essential oil, we need just few drops to make our home fragrant. It doesn’t contain alcohol and the best thing is the oil can kill the bacteria. The con is about the price. Natural fragrance or essential oil is more expensive than the synthetic one.

A synthetic fragrance is made from chemical. The most usual type is spray. The synthetic material will not eliminate the smell but cover it as if we are wearing a fragrant masker. The price for sure is cheaper. Besides spraying the deodorizer, another synthetic material is candle. Like an ordinary candle, we need to burn the fragrant candle and it will spread to the entire room.Fragrance for Home with fresh color

Another type is a solid fragrant. This type we just need to open the cap and the wind will spread out the fragrant in our area. It is usually also used for cars.

For my point of view, even though it is more expensive, essential oil is the best choice. The fragrant will stay longer that the synthetic fragrance and the important things essential oil for home fragrance is safer than chemical. If you consider the price, now you can start to count the cost effectiveness between both items as well as the benefit you may get. A few drops of essential oil will stay for longer time and it can be reused again. How? Don’t burn the oil for a long time as soon as you feel that the fragrant is enough. Then you can keep it for later. Besides, the smell is more natural compared to other fragrance types.

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