Choosing the Best Fragrance for Your Home

Today, fragrances for homes are popular among many people and have become an in-demand product in places of one’s home. The most in-demand fragrances for homes are essential oils, which can be found all over the internet and in stores.

Fragrance for Home with aroma therapy

Fragrance for Your Home

There are two major types of fragrances sold today; synthetic fragrances made from chemicals and natural fragrances made from natural sources. The synthetic home fragrances are usually found as sprays, candles, or outlet plugins. When it comes to natural fragrances, they’re mainly made into essential oils that are most commonly used for aromatherapy.


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When it comes to essential oils, all you need are just a few drops to make our home fragrant. They don’t contain alcohol and the best thing is the oil can kill local bacteria. The downside to essential oils are the general prices. Natural fragrances, or essential oils, are more expensive than synthetic fragrances.

Synthetic fragrances is made from chemicals and are mostly found in spray form. The synthetic fragrances don’t eliminate odors but instead cover them up as if you were wearing a fragrant mask. However, the price is cheaper than natural fragrances. Another popular form of synthetic fragrances are candles.

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For my point of view, even though it’s more expensive, essential oils are the best choice. The fragrance will stick around for longer that the synthetic fragrance and essential oils are potentially safer since they often don’t use strange chemical.

A few drops of essential oil will stick around your room for a longer time and they can be reused again and again. Once you can smell the fragrance in your room from an essential oil, stop using it since the smell will stay for longer. This way you can save it for later. On top of that, the smell is more natural compared to other fragrance types.

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