14 Unforgettable Office Decoration Themes For New Year

Unlike the decorations you put up in your homes, it is somewhat necessary for New Year office decorations to be theme-based. You don’t have to throw a party in the office before you decorate; decorations will make your work atmosphere more fun and exciting well into the New Year. For your convenience, we are presenting some interesting office decoration themes for New Year.

So, what are some unforgettable office decoration themes for New Year? Black and white, eco-friendly, golden, and balloon themes are some common and interesting office decoration themes. If you are throwing an office party, you can go further and choose a masquerade ball theme, a starry night theme, or a theme from a popular movie.

Let’s talk more about some of these unforgettable office decoration themes for New Year celebrations.

Office Decoration Themes For New Year Parties

You are allowed to choose any theme you want for New Year decorations, however, in an environment like an office, you should exercise caution when choosing a theme. A perfect decoration theme for New Year should be as inoffensive as possible and at the same time lighten the general mood.

We have selected some wonderful themes that you will find interesting, whether you are planning for an elaborate office, a simple gathering, or just decorating the office for the festive season.

1. Starry Night Theme

This is one of the themes suitable for office New Year parties. It is a very simple theme to create and it fits right into the festive season. Use star lights for the ceiling, hang cut out stars, and paste glow in the dark stars. Make sure your utensils and napkins have the star designs printed on them. Soft lighting is required for this theme to work out well.

2. Balloon-Themed Decoration

This is one of the easiest themes to use. Pump balloons and hang them all around the office with consistency. Confetti balloons that will pop at midnight is a very good idea for New Year’s Eve parties. Prepare a balloon wall also, so people will have a dedicated spot to take pictures. Another good thing about balloon themes is that they are flexible; you can combine them with other themes.

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3. Black and White Theme

A black and white theme will require guests to dress in the same colors if there is a party, still, it is a very nice theme for normal office decorations. All your decorations will have to be in this color; it may seem quite boring, however, if you use the right decorations, the theme will come to life.

4. Hollywood Theme

Frankly, a theme like this has more to do with your party activities than decorations. If you choose to go with a Hollywood theme, you can decorate based on a particular movie reference or you can host a red carpet with an elaborate photo session. With a theme like this, you will need to plan a nice cocktail for the workers and guests before the countdown begins.

5. Futuristic Theme

This theme is not very common and decoration ideas are quite limited. However, you can get some outer space and galaxy decorations at the local store or online. If you can, put up some screens and display space documentaries or futuristic movies.

6. Sports Theme 

It may seem unlikely, but sports-themed decorations can look really good if they are done carefully. Your decorations will be based on sports equipment like balls, jerseys, bats, and helmets. Get some input from workers regarding what their favorite sports and teams are.

7. New Year Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball party will bring some mystery and excitement to your New Year’s Eve party. These balls are quite formal, so you should let guests know that they are to dress formal. You can be quite flexible with your decorations; however, features like harlequin designs and theater masks should dominate your decor. If you cannot provide masks for guests, let them know to bring masks with them.

8. Glow Party Theme 

This is also known as a black light party theme and they are perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations. This theme involves the use of some intense lighting effects, so it may not be the best theme for old people. If most of your workers are young enough, you have nothing to fear. Block natural lighting out with black construction paper and put on black bulbs. Use neon materials for additional decoration.

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9. Winter Wonderland Theme

There is something very fascinating about the whiteness of Christmas and New Year seasons – even to people who do not experience the snow. A theme like this will look good in your office and you can even leave the decorations all through the festive period. Decorations like fairy lights, ice sculptures, white fabric, and more will bring this theme to life.

10. Eco-Friendly Party

You can use this opportunity to create more awareness about the environment. Use eco-friendly decorations, serve on eco-friendly plates, and cook organic food. However, you should not be so carried away in your decorations that you forget that the essence is for people to have fun.

11. Around-The-World Theme 

This is a genius idea if you have workers from various ethnic backgrounds. The New Year is celebrated in different ways across different cultures. Get colleagues to share cultural details with you and try as much as you can to incorporate these various details in your decorations.

12. Decade Party

This is simply decorating and celebrating with a retro theme. To be more accurate with the decorations, you can make references to old movies, books, or you can talk to aged people who have lived through a particular decade. Also, tell your guests to dress in old school clothes and play old school music.

13. Casino Theme

This allows for a friendly New Year’s Eve atmosphere among workers and guests. You don’t have to do an elaborate casino setting; with just a few casino decors, card games, and dice games, you are good to go. Make snacks available for your people to eat as they play and wait for the countdown.

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14. Cocktail Party

Regardless of your theme, you need to have champagne for people to pop after the countdown. However, if you are going with a theme like this, you will need more wine for your guests. Set up a decorative bar with beautiful bottles and champagne flutes decorated with ribbons, and let your guests try their hand at cocktails mixing. A champagne tower is another essential feature of this theme.

Planning Your Office New Year’s Eve Party

Just like with any other festive activity, you need to plan for your office New Year’s Eve Party; this will help you avoid stress and make contingency plans.

Here are some stress-free ways you can plan your office new year’s eve party:

  1. Pick a suitable theme: This is the most basic thing when planning a New Year’s Eve party. As the host, involve some workers in this process, so you can figure out a good theme everyone will be comfortable with.
  2. Establish the number of guests: You need to know the number of guests you can cater for so that you can determine what your budget for the party will be. 
  3. Send out invitations: This should be done about two weeks before Christmas. The holiday season is usually a busy one for anybody, so you have to get the invites out early for people to plan or adjust their calendar.
  4. Food and drinks:  Are you going to pay a vendor or are you catering yourself? All these questions need to be answered early enough. It may be quite difficult to get a caterer for New Year’s Eve, however, if you start planning early enough, you should be able to get a food caterer.


Office parties are a great way for workers to celebrate New Year’s Eve and bond the more; for this to happen, you need the right environment. These themes discussed above are just some of the wonderful options you can choose from to create an unforgettable experience.

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