16 Beautiful New Years Table Decorations Ideas

New Year’s Eve is a time to get together with friends and family to celebrate the journey of a whole year and welcome the new one. With a New Year fast approaching, one of the things to plan for is your decor. We have put together some beautiful New Year’s table decorations ideas that will spice up your celebrations.

What are some New Year’s table decorations ideas? There are so many table designs and elements that will look good on your table as you celebrate this New Year. Decorating your table with greeting cards, beautiful flowers, and attractive centerpieces are some nice ideas. What you should start with, however, is the table cover.

Now, let’s discuss these interesting ideas further. We will also discuss how you can avoid overspending during the holiday season.

Beautiful New Years Table Decorations Ideas

Hosting a dinner party in your home requires you to be able to come up with some unique and interesting table decorations. It is not always easy to come up with these ideas; that is why we are discussing a variety of inspiring table decoration ideas you can choose from.

1. Select a Theme

If you want an interesting New Year’s celebration, you should get quite creative with your theme. Even though there are some common New Year’s themes, you are allowed to pick any theme you like and make any design you want. It can be as simple as choosing a color to go with or using a movie theme. Even when doing your table decorations, you should not go outside your general theme.

2. Choose Fitting Table Covers

After selecting a suitable New Year’s theme, you should get good tablecloths. Any other decorations will stay on your table cloth, so you have to make sure they all go along. It is best not to use white tablecloths when you have many guests, however, they are very attractive and they fit into many themes.

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3. Decorative Napkins

You cannot do without decorative napkins at your dining table and even though they have a specific function of cleaning, you can make them decorative by tying napkin rings around them and placing them strategically on your dining table.

4. Simple Napkin Rings

The idea is to think about the decorative effect of little things like napkin rings wrapped around your napkins. You can make napkin rings from metallic chenille stems; all you have to do is fold the stems in half, twist, and attach the ends to form a circle. There are several other ways and materials you can use.

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5. Greeting Cards

This is a great way to welcome people to your dinner. Place greeting cards strategically on the table before people arrive and watch the surprised look on their faces as they read. It is a very touching gesture and it decorates your table at the same time.

6. Small Party Gifts

Just like greeting cards, this is a great way to welcome your guests and decorate your table at the same time – only if you can afford it though. Wrap the gifts in beautiful wrapping paper so that they add a more decorative effect to your table.

7. Candle Holders

You don’t necessarily have to buy exquisite candle holders to decorate your table for New Year’s dinner; you can always make some from things you have around your house. One such way is to wrap metal tapes around glass cups and put candles in them.

8. Floral Arrangement

Get some flower vases or small jars if you please, and put some flowers in them. Natural flowers may cost a lot, so you should use artificial flowers. Besides you can keep artificial flowers on your table well into the new year and continue to use them for your New Year celebrations.

9. DIY Winter Chandelier

A winter chandelier can hang above your dining table throughout the Christmas and New Year celebrations. All you need is a small wreath to hang above the dining table, however, you can add some ornaments to the wreath.

10. DIY Centerpiece

You can make a centerpiece from almost anything; you just need to have something standing in the middle of your dinner table, else, it may look blank. While you can always buy centerpieces, you can also make them yourself. Candles, pine cones, glasses, flower vases, and lanterns are some centerpieces you can use.

11. Paper Wreaths

Paper wreaths are usually available in the Christmas section of most stores. If you can’t get at the store, they are very easy to make and the material – paper – is readily available. Just a few of these at the center of your table will really look great. You can also put candles in the middle of paper wreaths to brighten the decor.

12. DIY Placeholders

Decorations like this have two different purposes and in addition to beautifying your table, place holders will hold the napkins in place. You shouldn’t just set out your plates and leave them blank; put napkins on top to enhance the look, and place holders to hold them in place. You can use fruits, small branches, or bells for this.

13. Metallic Ribbons

Metallic ribbons are very versatile decorative features and you can use them almost anyhow you want. On your dinner table, you can tie metallic ribbons around your champagne glasses, candle holders, or cutlery to get a rustic effect.

14. Wine Glasses

Surprisingly, wine glasses produce a nice decorative effect, particularly when you have every other decorative feature in place. Just have the glasses lined up with the plates and cutlery even if you are not drinking at the dinner table.

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15. Small Trees

People think that trees decorations are only suitable for Christmas; this is no rule that says this and besides, trees come in a lot of colors apart from green. Get small silver trees for your dining table and fit them with small ornaments to make them stand out.

16. Wine and Champagne Bottles 

Although not compulsory, wine and champagne are very necessary for New Year celebrations. Wine and champagne bottles will look good on your table, particularly when they are decorated with the right features. Use ribbons or wrapping paper to make suitable designs around your bottles before setting them out on the table.

Entertaining Guests at Your New Year’s Eve Dinner Party 

New Year’s Eve dinner is more than just eating. Typically, guests want to stay around for the countdown after dinner. This means you need to have some other things in place apart from food.

  • Music: While you most likely will not play music during dinner, you will need to play some after dinner to make your family and guest feel alive. However, make sure the music on your playlist is appropriate for your guests.
  • Plan fun activities: You should also plan some fun activities like card games or you can build a photo booth; just something to keep people engaged. Look around from time to time to make sure everyone is having a good time.
  • Snacks and drinks: It goes without saying that you have to provide sufficient snacks and drinks. Put some crackers, fruits, or cheese slices on snack trays and make them available to people. You can ask your guests to come with snacks if you will not be able to provide for everybody.
  • Countdown: Make sure there is a clock everyone can see as the time approaches midnight. Get everyone around as you prepare for the countdown, and immediately it is midnight, open a bottle of champagne and let people merry.
  • Bring things to a close: As exciting as New Year’s Eve dinner parties can be, you can’t go on all night. Bring the party to a close and make sure your guests have means of getting home or make sure they are comfortable staying at your place until morning.


New Year celebrations should be done with loved ones and you shouldn’t be too lazy to decorate or throw a dinner party. We have discussed some wonderful table decoration ideas you can pick from when preparing for your New Year’s Eve dinner and we hope you find them helpful. We wish you a very happy New Year ahead.

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