New Year’s Eve Wedding Decorations Ideas on a Budget

New Year’s Eve is one of the best days to have a wedding as the two events signify the beginning of a new journey. Are you planning a New Year’s Eve wedding? Here are some New Year’s Eve wedding decorations ideas on a budget.

What are some New Year’s Eve wedding decorations ideas on a budget? The best decoration ideas on a budget for a New Year’s Eve wedding are DIY projects. Balloon decorations and clock-themed decors are some fitting decorative ideas that won’t cost much. Simple things like tablecloths, flowers, and affordable centerpieces can also add sparkle to your wedding scene on New Year’s Eve.

Let’s discuss some of these interesting decoration ideas in detail. Furthermore, we will discuss some of the pros and cons of fixing a wedding on New Year’s Eve.

Beautiful New Year’s Eve Wedding Decorations Ideas on a Budget

Planning for a New Year’s Eve wedding is an exciting thing. In reality, it is not a must for you to go with a New Year’s Eve theme, however, choosing the last day of the year as your wedding date presents the opportunity to celebrate these two significant events together.

For the best party experience, you should allow both your wedding theme and New Year’s Eve theme to overlap. This way you can save considerably and still get a very tasteful New Year and wedding celebration.

Here are some affordable decorative ideas:

Balloon Decorations

Balloons are perfect for different types of celebrations. They will fit perfectly into whatever your New Year’s Eve and wedding themes are. There are several ways you can decorate with balloons; from confetti balloon, to making a balloon wall, or even a balloon ceiling. Also, you will need to take a lot of pictures on your wedding day; balloons make good backdrops for pictures.

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Affordable Flower Decorations

Flowers are a compulsory feature at any wedding – including one taking place on New Year’s Eve. Flowers can be expensive at times, depending on the type of flowers and the quantity you are buying. However, you don’t have to go overboard and purchase too many purchase too many. Instead of using full blooms, make bouquets of four or five stems.

Also, you can get the best prices from local growers in contrast to buying online and ramping up shipping fees. Buy cheap flower vases and spray-paint them with your wedding colors to make them fit into your theme.


On its own, lighting is an important part of New Year’s Eve decorations and when your wedding falls on this day, you need to make sure that your lighting matches your wedding theme, without spending too much. Apart from the normal central lighting, there are some decorative lighting that can brighten up your setting.

Surprisingly, Christmas lights look very good when used as part of your wedding decorations. A simple disco ball or party lights on the dance floor will look good. Remember that your lighting should not be too bright nor too dim, however, it should softly accentuate your other decorations.

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Use Affordable Centerpieces

Centerpieces don’t have to be expensive to look classy on your table decor. There are a lot of things you can use as centerpieces and while some of them come ready-made, you can make some yourself to save some money. Candelabra are good centerpieces and they also provide wonderful lighting effects on your wedding tables.

Lighted candles placed on mirrors also look good as centerpieces or you can get some affordable flower vases and put some flowers in them.

Clock-Themed Decors

As a commemoration of a year coming to an end, you should have clock-themed decors at your wedding if it’s on New Year’s Eve. You don’t have to use real clocks if you want to reduce cost; instead, get clock designs on the internet and print them out. Put these clock designs at strategic places so that the anticipation of the upcoming year will not be lost amidst your wedding celebrations.

Use Inexpensive Fabric

Whether you are using the fabric as backdrops or as table covers, you should look to save money by going for inexpensive ones. With tulle and other inexpensive fabrics, you can make simple decorations that will cover whatever imperfections you may experience in your decorations. Besides, fabric used for wedding decorations are susceptible to damage, so, you don’t want to overspend on them.

Choose a Beautiful Venue

It’s one thing to get a venue and it’s another thing to decorate the venue. Some venues will offer you the service of vendors who can decorate for you, however, if you are on a budget, you should decorate yourself. You won’t have much work to do if your venue looks good normally and if you prefer an outdoor venue, a picturesque site will require less decoration.

Pros and Cons of Planning a New Year’s Eve Wedding 

New Year’s Eve is one of the most popular holidays and you should understand that a lot will go into planning a wedding for that day. However, there are pros and cons you should consider before you decide to have your wedding on New Year’s Eve.


Easy decoration: If you’re planning your wedding for New Year’s Eve, you will have more decorative options to choose from. This is because you have to consider both New Year’s Eve celebrations and your wedding. As such, you’re allowed more flexibility as regards your decorations.

You’ll have a more memorable event: Have you ever heard of people forgetting their wedding anniversaries? Even if you’re not so good at remembering dates, you’ll always remember your wedding anniversary if it falls on a New Year’s Eve.

Guests will stay the whole night: Majority of your guests will stay for the New Year countdown; this way you get to wish everyone a happy New Year and continue the partying until whatever time you like.

A lively party: It is almost impossible to have a boring wedding party on New Year. You and your guests will have more than one thing to celebrate- love and the New Year.


Venues may be hard to get: You may find it a bit difficult to get a good venue for New Year’s Eve. Also, a lot of venues close before midnight and this will defeat the whole essence of the choosing that particular date.

Some friends and family members may not be able to make it: Surely, you want your loved ones to be there with you when you get married. Nonetheless, some of them will be unavoidably absent because of the date. You need to consider this carefully before you go forward with your plans.

Expensive: A New Year’s Eve wedding is usually more expensive. More so if you don’t plan early enough, rentals may cost more, drink prices may rise, and you’ll have to pay workers more.


A New Year’s Eve wedding is one way to have a very memorable wedding and because it is a day of festivity and multiple celebrations, you are guaranteed a fun experience with your loved ones. However, the whole affair may cost you more than it would on a normal day; this is why we have discussed some wonderful decoration ideas you can use to cut cost and still have classy decorations at your party.

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