12 Tips for Christmas Decorating on a Tight Budget

Christmas decorations present the opportunity to go all out and try out several interesting ideas, however, these ideas can have severe cost implications. If you can’t afford to spend a lot, you don’t necessarily have to miss out. Here are some tips for Christmas decorating on a tight budget.

What are some tips for Christmas decorating on a tight budget? If you are decorating for Christmas on a tight budget, you can make garlands from recycled materials, make the best of lighted candles, or use dry fruits for decorations. Also, there are some decorative features like floating stars and ribbon decorations you can make at home.

Now, we will discuss these decorating tips in details. We will also discuss how you can avoid overspending during the holiday season.

Tips for Christmas Decorating on a Tight Budget

Decorating for Christmas can be as expensive as you want it to be; this doesn’t mean you can’t do it on a budget though. As it is not the only thing you have to spend on during the holiday season, you should try to get as much value as you can for any amount you spend.

This why we have picked out some tips that will help you spend less and still get decent Christmas decorations- they are discussed below.

1. Use Dry Fruit for Decorations

As unconventional as this may sound, it is not so uncommon among people who always want to spend little and get profound decorative effects. Dry fruits make for wonderful Christmas tree ornaments as they add color, warmth, and fragrance to the overall decoration. To get the fruits to dry out quicker, make multiple cuts on them from top to bottom; this will also produce more fragrance.

2. Hang Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are relatively affordable and if you are quite handy, you can make them yourself. With Christmas wreaths, you can customize the kind of decorative effect you get, for example, by intertwining ribbons with them and adding some ornaments or if you like, you can just use hang the plain wreaths. While they are mostly hung outdoors, you can use them indoors as well.

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3. DIY Garlands

Christmas decorating presents the opportunity to get creative and make some decorative features yourself; one of such is garlands. The interesting thing about garlands is that you can make them from almost anything – from pines to other recycled materials – and they have such decorative effect, regardless of where you hang them. However, if you prefer to buy pre-made garlands, you can always get some cheap ones at your local store.

4. Put up a Small Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are arguably the most significant Christmas feature in any home and most people love their trees as big as can be. Whether artificial or real, Christmas trees can be very costly.

A reasonable and practical thing to do is to go for a small tree and even in the decoration of the tree, you should be frugal. Homemade ornaments do not have severe cost implications and when they are made carefully they can be just as beautiful as the ready-made ones.

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5. Homemade Floating Stars

This is one of the simplest ornaments to make and you don’t need any experience nor special material nor tools to do so. You can make them from cardboard pieces and even add little glitter to make them shine. If you have enough lights, string lights through the stars to get a glowing effect and then hang them on your tree, mantle, or stairs.

6. Light Candles

Do this to bring the warm, cozy Christmas spirit to life in your interior spaces. Lighting is always an essential part of Christmas decorations and candles can give you just the right amount of lighting to bring out the beauty of all your decorations.

What’s better? Candles do not cost a fortune to buy; you may even have some laying around at home. You have to be careful with candles, however, they can be as dangerous as they are beautiful; if you have little children at home, keep them away from candles.

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7. Use Improvised Candle Holders

To get the best decorative effect from lighted candles, you need fitting candle holders. On the market today, there are several expensive and undoubtedly attractive candle holders. Nonetheless, it won’t do you any good to buy them, especially if you are on a tight budget. You can make a good candle holder out of a normal household bowl or plate, decorated with garlands and ornaments.

8. Make an Advent Calendar

Advent calendars have more traditional significance than decorative effect, but who says you can make them have both? Buy 24 envelopes, number them from 1 to 24,and then string them together in sixes; now you have a full advent calendar. To make it more interesting, out small treats in each envelope before you hang them or write a clue that points to where a treat is hidden in each envelope.

9. DIY Photo Ornaments

Is there a better time to relive your favorite memories of the year? Instead of going all out to buy costly ornaments, you can frame the photos you have already and hang them on your Christmas tree or walls. 

10. Make Your Christmas Gifts a Part of Your Decoration

If you can wrap your Christmas gifts early enough, you can make them part of your whole decorative scheme. It would help if you have a color theme in mind so you can wrap your presents with that same color. When you place these gifts at strategic positions in your home, they can have great decorative effect.

11. Make the Best of Ribbons

There’s a whole bunch of decorative ideas you can pursue with just ribbons alone. There’s almost no Christmas decoration complete without the inclusion of ribbons; you can wrap your presents with them and you can string them along with many other decorating features.

12. Use Simple Themes

The most important thing when you’re decorating on a budget is to use simple themes; this doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to be creative in your design, it only means that you’re not allowed to go overboard. From the colors to the materials, learn to be as prudent as possible if you truly want to stick to your budget.

How to Avoid Overspending during Christmas

Christmas is the largest gift-giving holiday and when the amount spent on treats, gifts, and decorations are considered, it becomes a truly huge expense. Christmas celebrations is a yearly tradition and there is no need why you should overspend every year.

If you feel like you have been overspending or if you want to prevent overspending, here’s how you can go about it:

  • Have a budget : The first thing you should do way before Christmas comes is to prepare a budget. Your budget should include how much you want to spend on the overall Christmas celebration; this should include how much you want to spend on the decoration and gifts.
  • Avoid unnecessary gifts: You don’t necessarily have to get gifts for everybody, especially if you’re trying to save some money. Self-gifting can also constitute a huge part of your budget and if you don’t want to overspend, you should keep the gifts you’re buying for others and the ones you are buying for yourself to the barest minimum.
  • Don’t fall for marketing tricks: As happy and pure Christmas is, retailers tend to make the best of seasonal opportunities to get the most from buyers. During the Christmas season, you will notice some exclusive offers from retailers that will look too good to let go; if you don’t want to overspend, you should avoid these “special” offers.
  • Reduce convenience spending: Typically, the Christmas season is a busy period and often times, you may get carried away and not have the time to do some basic things like cooking and cleaning; all these will cause you to spend more on ordering for food or eating out. If you can, however, plan your activities in such a way that you still have time to do the necessary things, you can avoid overspending.

Closing Thoughts

It is really easy to get carried away during the holiday season and if you are not adequately prepared, you may eventually regret some of the actions you take. It is always a good idea to carry out any Christmas activity in a budget – to avoid overspending. These tips will help you stick to a low budget for Christmas decorations and avoid overspending.

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