Christmas Decorating Ideas for Stairs and Landing

Christmas decoration is all about setting the right mood in both your interior and exterior spaces. Typically, more attention is given to the living areas. However, if you have stairs in your home, here are some interesting Christmas decorating ideas for stairs and landing.

So, what are some Christmas decorating ideas for stairs and landing? Adding garlands to the stairs, making designs with ribbons, and using LED string lights are some of the ideas you can work on when decorating your stairs and landing for Christmas. It is also quite common to adorn stairs and landings with Christmas tree ornaments.

Now, we will discuss some of these decorating ideas in details. We will also discuss why you should put your decorations early and the best time to take them down.

Interesting Stairs and Landing Decorating Ideas You Should Try This Christmas

If not planned carefully, Christmas decoration is bound to become overwhelming at some point; to avoid this overwhelming feeling, you need to establish your designs and prepare your decorations early enough.

A large part of this is picking out decorative ideas for your stairs and landing; at this point people usually experience some difficulty either because they don’t have design ideas or because they have too many options to choose from. This is why we have picked some of the best ideas to present to you.

Decorate Your Stairs with Christmas Garlands

These should be one of the dominating stairs and landing Christmas decorating features. They are typically made from flowers, leaves, or some artificial material. Complemented by other decorative features, drape or twist the garlands around the railings of your stairs.

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Decorate Stairs and Landing with Candles and Lights

When you light up your stairs with either candles or LED lights, it brings a warm Christmassy feel to your interior space for the holidays. Light up candles, line them up the stairs all the way to the landing, and twist lights around the railings. However if you have small children around, avoid real candles and use faux LED candles to avoid any fire incident.

Use Christmas Tree Ornaments

By the time you get done with your Christmas tree decorations, you should still have some ornaments left. If you have some left over, you can always use them for your stairs and landing decoration. Ornaments like candy canes and balls can be hung on the banister all the way up to the landing. If you have hooks on the walls of you your landing, you should hang some of these there.

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Decorate with Ribbons

Is there any type of decoration ribbons aren’t suitable for? They are easy to use and very fast to fix. For your stair and landing decorations. Use large ribbons that come with wiring so you can find it easy to get any design you want out of them. Ribbons can be very dominant decorative features, so you should use them in minimum quantities, lest, they reduce the decorative effect of other decorations.

Use Marquee Letters

With lit up marquee letters all the way up your stairs, spelling out interesting Christmas phrases, you can make one of the best decorations this Christmas. These can be a good substitution for the candles, and you can also combine them by using the letters on the stairs and the candles on your landing.

Hang Stockings on Your Railings

This is another idea you can try for a wonderful decorative effect. Typically, stockings are hung on the fireplace mantel as a Christmas tradition. Nonetheless, if you do not have a fireplace in your home, you can hand the stockings on your railings all the way up your stairs. Even if you have a fireplace to hang stockings, it is never a bad idea to decorate your stairs with stockings.

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Why You Should Put up Your Decorations Early

There is no definite rule or traditional practice when it comes to the time when you should put up your decorations. There are people who are always excited at the prospect of decorating while there are those who try to delay it for as long as they can.

However, when is the best time for you to put up your decorations? The most popular opinion is that Christmas decorations should be done as early as possible for a number of reasons. Here are some of these reasons:

1. Early Christmas decoration can make you happier

There are so many positive emotions associated with the holiday season and when decorations are done early enough, you will get into this “happy zone” early enough. Even if you don’t like all the stress involved, you cannot deny the positive emotions and memories you get to make. 

2. You enjoy the decorations longer

Christmas decoration is a lot of stress and it is not the best ideas to put them up and take them down only after a couple of days. If you want to be able to enjoy and appreciate your decorative efforts for longer, put your decorations up early enough.

3. You can get decorating materials easily

When you start your decorations early enough, you can easily get anything you need from the store On the other hand, when you delay your decorations until just around Christmas, you will have to go through the rush to get anything you need; and you may not get what you want eventually.

4. You get to spend time with your family

This is one of the times when you get to spend time with your family members; by getting everyone involved in the decorating process. It can be a truly enjoyable moment for the whole family if it is done early enough for you to do it at a reasonable and enjoyable pace.

However, when it becomes late, quality family time will no longer be the priority; you just want to get it done by all means.  

When Is the Right Time to Take down Christmas Decorations?

The festive atmosphere will not last forever, and if you still have your decorations up when you begin your day to day activities in the New Year, the decorations may begin to get in the way and by this time they would have lost their decorative effect. So, when should you take the decorations down?

According to tradition, the twelfth night is when you should take down your decorations because Christmas used to be a twelve-day celebration. It was believed that there were spirits that lived in the trees used for decoration, and that they needed to be released once Christmas is over.

These days, people are not really as superstitious and are more flexible when it comes to taking decorations down. The best thing is to take your Christmas decorations down before the start of the day to day activities of the New Year, so that they don’t get in the way or lose their meaning, and importance.

Closing Thoughts

Christmas decoration should be fun with these interesting ideas for decorating your stairs and landing. These are not the only decorating ideas possible, you can come up with unique ideas on your own and try them out. Also, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process; start the decorations on time, get your family involved, and have a wonderful Christmas.

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