The Curious Cube House Design

The cube house design is inspired by the Cube Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands designed by a famous Dutch architect Piet Blom. In this unique residential development, houses are shaped like cubes and are tilted at a 45-degree angle.

For those who want a modern or contemporary house, the cube house design is a great inspiration. These houses feature a minimalist design and don’t require any unnecessary decorative elements.

Today, you will find cube shape houses everywhere around the world and here are some of them.

Cube Shaped Houses

Cube houses have a very simple design, yet they definitely make a statement. Their facade is often minimalist and the overall mood and decor are plain and simple.

Artistic cube house

But there are instances when these houses have unique geometric shapes. As mentioned, these houses are inspired by the Cubic Houses in Rotterdam, which have unique and interesting shapes.

Best cube house design ever

Black cube house design

The windows of cube-shaped houses are often squares and most of the time these houses are fitted with large and oversized windows. This allows for plenty of natural light to get in.

Contemporary cube house design

Cube house awesome cube house design

It’s a good idea that the rest of the design elements in the house are also of square shaped. This is to match with the overall geometric shape of the house. But symmetry is not really that important. Cohesiveness must be incorporated into this project.

Cube house concept

When designing a cube house, the focus should be on achieving a clean, simple, and minimalist design.

Cube house for modrn living

Cube house designs are all about the visible use of clean, geometric shapes. The shapes can also be combined with a minimalist approach for a more modern look.

Cube house in rotterdam

The interiors must also be designed in a minimalist, modern approach. It should create a calm and relaxing ambience. This is typical to most modern and contemporary houses.

Cube house landscape

Modern Cube Houses

The shape is a very important aspect of a modern cube house design. It defines the overall style of the house, along with the other design elements, such as the material, color, palette, and influence.

Cube house shade

Cube houses are sometimes small. Yet, these compact shaped houses are fully functional. In fact, they could accommodate up to three bedrooms!

Cube house

Make efficient use of the space when building a compact cube house. From the entryway, there’s suppose to be a hallway that will connect to each and every entry door of the house. Of course, having stairs is important. These stairs can lead to the first floor where some other rooms can be found.

Grey cube house design

An open plan living concept is common for cube shaped houses. A large room can serve as the living and kitchen area.

Minimalist cube house design

Modern cube house

To maximize the majestic views of the outside, large glass panels are often installed in a cube-shaped house.

Traditional cube house ideas

A cube-shaped house may not necessarily be shaped like a square or cube. It can also come in interesting geometric shapes. Nevertheless, the square shape is often found in other design elements. This can apply to the windows, doors, and other details.

Unique cube house ideas

Hopefully, these cube house designs can serve as your inspiration for your home construction or remodeling.

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