22 Inspiring Boho Home Ideas

Coming up with a boho home involves the use of a lot of colors, making your home look more colorful and vibrant.

Boho is a term coined from bohemian, a word associated with things that are non-conformance or unconventional. Designing your home in the boho style is a whole lot of fun. It allows you to freely express your own ideas and creativity in coming up with the most unconventional look for your home.

Boho Style Interior Decorating

The boho style can be applied in any area in your home. You can infuse such designs in your bedroom, living room, patio, or anywhere else.

To start with, look for accessories with bold prints and colors. Boldness of color is often the most prominent element in a boho inspired home. The design might seem odd and eccentric. However, the idea is to create a look that you cannot find in the usual home interior design.

Boho bedroom ideas

Boho dining room

Boho home accessories

You’re free to paint your walls with any color that you fancy. If you want a bright and airy feel, stick to white or other neutral shades. You can then accessorize with colorful decorative elements.

Boho home decor

Boho home decorating

Boho home design

Spread patchwork fabrics all over the space. Use silk scarves as table covers. Hang bright colored curtains in your windows. If your flooring does not have any carpeting, place area rugs that have colorful geometric patterns.

Throw pillows with bright bold prints can also be used to decorate the space. Bright colored lanterns and lamps can also make the place to stand out. Avoid cluttering the space by infusing plain colors in your decor.

Boho home ideas

Boho home living room

Boho home ornaments

Boho home outdoor ideas

Boho Style Accessories

The best way to achieve a boho home is to accessorize as much as you can. Shop at flea markets, thrift stores, and antique shops. Look for distinct pieces that you can use to decorate your space.

Buy exotic looking lampshades, vintage statues, trinkets, candelabras, or any art pieces. Look for items that you will not normally find in a traditional style home.

Boho home so inspiring

Boho home with ethnic lighting

If you love plants, adorn your living room with real houseplants. Place them in a hanging basket or in a pot.

Boho home with natural concept

Boho home

Boho living room

Gather some flowers in your garden and place them in colored glass vases. Decorate them along with some vintage sculptures to give the space a bohemian feel.

Colorful boho home design

Mix and match colorful art pieces and eclectic decors to jazz up your space. Opt for vintage style furniture or those that have shown some wear and tear.

Cozy boho home ideas

Ethnic boho bedroom design

Soft lighting also gives off a cozy feeling in your boho home. Hang crystal chandeliers from the ceiling. Finish the look by decorating your space with colorful pillows and throws.

Ethnic boho home ideas

Most comfortable boho home ideas

When coming up with a boho home, the possibilities are truly endless. Instead of the usual minimalist color, opt for bold colors for your theme. Remember that the more you accessorize, the more bohemian your space will look. So don’t be scared to experiment with colors and patterns. Use a splash of vibrant colors as often as you can.

Stylish boho home ideas

Traditional boho home

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