20 Fabulous Mid-Century House Designs

A mi- century house design is among the most sought after home designs these days. These designs often consist of flat roofs and several square elements. They are also characterized by a multitude of modern designed windows. The mid-century look dates back to the 1950s and are now making a comeback.

Here are some of the most fabulous mid century houses that you can take inspiration from.

Mid Century House Designs

Square designs are often evident in a mid-century house. They also feature ample sized windows, which allow for plenty of natural light to get in. The roofs are gently sloped and provides plenty of stonework. Furthermore, the extensive use of glass helps forge a connection with nature in most mid century homes.

Glass mid century house

Japanese mid century house

You can also blend a traditional ranch design with your mid-century house. Fill it with wide windows in both the front and rear portion. This way, the interior will appear bright and airy.

Latest mid century house

Mid century home

Your home interior must also blend well with the outdoors. A living room that opens to the extensive backyard is a great idea. Install a swimming pool in your backyard space or landscape the lawn to enhance the curb appeal.

Mid century house and home

Mid century house concept

Mid-century homes are also known for having a very innovative layout. They feature open living areas with extremely wide windows and walls. The exterior provides plenty of curb appeal. Some designs resemble a traditional ranch home. Others feature gently sloped or flat roofs with asymmetrical floor plans.

Mid century house exterior

Mid century house flooring

The design is often about making connections. Several windows will connect you to the outdoor space. The open spaces inside allows residents to easily connect with each other.

Mid century house garden

Mid-Century Modern Designs

Modernism is also a key element in mid-century house design. In fact, these designs were created by a generation of modern architects. Thus, it’s not surprising why most of the mid-century houses feature plenty of modern elements.

Mid century house ideas

Mid century house lighting

The geometric lines of houses with mid-century designs are often regular and rigorous. It’s common to see flat roofs, although modern ranch style houses often feature a gabled roof.

Mid century house living room

Mid century house with glass door

Glass walls and doors are also common in this design. Expansive glass panes allow for plenty of light to get in, which makes the house look brighter inside.

Mid century house with modern concept

Mid century house

Changes in elevation are also evident in a mid-century design. Steps going up and down in between spaces can be found. These houses also have partial walls and cabinets in varying heights that create different depths in the overall look of the space.

Mid century pool house

Modern mid century house

Small mid century house

The mid-century modern design must also integrate with nature. These houses often have multiple outdoor views and several access points. These elements encourage an appreciation of the beauty of nature.

Stylish mid century house

Since most mid-century homes come with flat roofs, they often have a bad reputation of having leaks. Therefore, regularly inspect your roofing. Free it from debris and leaves and make sure you clean your windows properly.

Mid century house design

The mid-century house design is all about simplicity and the integration with nature. It allows residents to welcome nature into their home in a totally different way.

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