The New Trend of Japandi Interior Design

The Japandi interior design has been getting quite a buzz within the world of interior design. Japandi refers to the combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, a new design trend that’s quickly gaining popularity.

It’s easy to understand why the Japandi interior design is loved by many. Aside from having a clean and minimalist look, the Japandi designs also give off a warm and cozy ambiance. If you want to follow the same trend for your interior design, here are some ideas for your inspiration.

Japanese and Scandinavian Interior Design

As mentioned, Japandi refers to the combination of Japanese and Scandinavian designs. It is not just an interior style, but it has become a philosophy among interior designers. The best way to achieve a Japandi look is to combine Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese ethos. Sure, it’s something unique, but the result depicts an impressive combination of traditional decors and raw materials along with natural and simple design elements.

Living room with japandi interior design

Both the Japanese and Scandinavian cultures have similar design and aesthetics, which is often based on minimalism. The Japandi interior design usually results in a calm and serene but functional space.

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Minimalist japandi interior design for dining room

The best approach to Japandi design is to fill your space with warm and neutral color palette. Thus, if you’re someone who adores lots of colors, then this design trend may not be for you.

Minimalist japandi interior design

New design japandi interior design

Simple japandi interior design

Japandi is a fusion of the bright colors of Scandinavian design and that of the warm and neutral colors of the Japanese interior. It sometimes makes use of the muted hues of pink, warmed up with natural and wooden elements. Pops of color can be introduced in the form of pillows and chairs.

Stylish japandi interior design

Unique japandi interior design

Wooden japandi interior design

Japandi interior designs are often functional and simple, yet impactful and impressive. Space is less cluttered and each and every element has its own purpose.

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Japandi Interior Design Elements

When it comes to Japandi designs, choose the furniture pieces very carefully. They themselves should create a statement. Choose items that have clean and minimalist lines. Infuse Japanese philosophy by decorating with furniture that is quite low to the ground. These furniture pieces also encourage connection between people and the earth.

Best japandi interior design

Accessories and decors in a Japandi interior design are minimalist as well. Decorate the space with glassware, planks, books, and ceramics. Hang wall art and a few statement pieces.

Comfortable japandi interior design

Contemporary japandi interior design

Elegant japandi interior design

Opt for furniture pieces that are made from simple and natural materials. But make sure they’re of high quality. Match the furniture with textured and natural fabrics, such as fluffy rugs with a neutral hue. Don’t forget to include some traditional Japanese decorative elements such as textured paper lamps and handmade ceramics.

Japandi interior design dining room

Japandi interior design for bathroom

Japandi interior design for home

Japandi decor often relies on the use of indoor plans. Blurring outdoor and indoor is one of the most basic concepts of this interior design. Thus, bringing in some outdoor elements is a great way to achieve a Japandi look in your space.

Japandi interior design for kitchen

Japandi interior design for simple bedroom

Japandi interior design in grey

Japandi interior design living room

When decorating your Japandi inspired space, always look for the perfect balance between minimal space and decluttered look. Don’t be afraid to play with combining Japanese and Scandinavian decor elements.

When done right, the Japandi interior design can surely make your space stand out.

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Japandi interior design

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