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Where You Can Get Your Own Cuddle Chair

There are love seats and there are arm chairs. And somewhere in between are oversized chairs. Or, cuddle chairs.

The term “Cuddle Chair” or “snuggle chair” is relatively new but the name says it all.  It is a chair that is not big enough for two people to sit comfortably, like a love seat.  But too big for a single person, like a recliner.
Cuddle Chair size is just right for two people share personal space
Black cuddle chairSnuggle chairs are a cuddly addition to any room.  They come in many colors and styles to fit any design.  And are small enough to fit into a small space, but can be big enough to fill a larger area.

Fitz and Floyd

They come with or without an ottoman and you can even get them so that they spin. These are a cuddly solution to when you just want to be very close to your partner.

Here is a list of online retail stores where you can get your own cuddle chair


There is actually a website dedicated to the information of these amazing creations.  It includes instructions on how two people are supposed to use the cuddle chair.  While this site does not sell the chairs directly, you can click on any link to be taken to to order your very own.Cuddle chair for small room

2. WayFair

WayFair has a huge selection ranging from small (almost not) cuddle chair to larger, true cuddle chairs.  On top of the many styles, they have dozens of color and fabric options to choose from.  The prices run a little higher than most people might feel comfortable with paying but the free shipping does help.

3. Joss & Main

They still call their snuggle chairs “oversized chairs”.  You will find most of these cuddle chairs in the classic square design here.  But they too have a wonderful selection at a much more reasonable price.  Joss & Main also boasts “free shipping”.Cuddle chair with matching cushion

4. Ashley Furniture

While the selection is not as impressive as the others, the quality is good.  You have to do a little more searching for a snuggle chair while on the website, but they can be found!


If you don’t want to know exactly how much your cuddle chair is going to cost, this is the right place for you! They have a great selection of cuddle chairs in many colors and shapes, but the cost will change depending on other buyers on the site.

No matter what your style, color preference, or size is, there are plenty of online retailers that sell cuddle chairs.  You can find them for a variety of prices too.
Don’t waste another minute and get a cuddle into your life!

Cuddle chair with rattan frame

Cuddle chair with velvet material

Dark grey cuddle chair color

Leather cuddle chair material

Minimalist cuddle chair ideas

Off white cuddle chair color

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