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15 Best Epoxy Flooring Ideas

The epoxy flooring is not your average kind of flooring. It can withstand the daily wear and tear, including chemicals, stains and all kinds of liquid spills. The flooring is an excellent choice for all your flooring needs and can be used in the living room, bedroom, basement and on areas exposed to liquid spills and splashes, such as in the kitchen.

If you need inspiration for your epoxy flooring installation, here are some ideas to consider.

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Epoxy Flooring Ideas

Epoxy floor coatings give off a smooth and shiny glow to your floor. They are available in attractive colors and can make your flooring to stand out. What’s even great is the fact that you can personalize them in accordance to the overall theme of your home interiors.

3d epoxy flooring ideas

Epoxy flooring is also common in bathrooms. It’s a good idea to match the color with that of the walls too. For instance, if your bathroom walls have blue tiles, then you can have a blue epoxy floor.

Best epoxy flooring ideas

One of the best features of the epoxy coatings is that they can make any flooring surface to shine. This is a great way to make a good impression to anyone visiting your home.

Caramel epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring for bathroom

You can personalize the epoxy coating to a particular scheme or design. A beach inspired epoxy floor is just among the many designs that you can come up with the epoxy coating.

Epoxy flooring for square floor motif

Epoxy flooring ideas

The epoxy coating is available in a wide variety of colors giving your floors a smooth and elegant finish. You can choose to have it installed in a particular pattern or design. The number choices make it an economical way to enhance the look of your flooring surface.

Epoxy flooring in coffee color

Epoxy flooring marble

Epoxy coatings can make a dark area to become bright. Once applied, the material gives off a shiny and glossy texture to your flooring surface. In fact, the brightness of an area can be enhanced to 200 percent once the epoxy coating is applied.

Epoxy flooring with glass door

Epoxy Coating Application

Aside from making your floor to stand out, the epoxy flooring is a durable material that can withstand the continuous flow of traffic. It is because of this why it’s commonly used in the garage. As you know, the garage is one of the areas in your house that receives a heavy amount of traffic.

Epoxy flooring

Glossy blue epoxy flooring

Metalic epoxy flooring

Aside from home application, the epoxy coating is also used in commercial applications. You will find the flooring in warehouses, malls and offices.

When applied properly, the epoxy flooring can last for several years. Apply the coating along with paint to mask any cracks and chips in the flooring.

Metalic grey epoxy flooring

Natural epoxy flooring

Unlike other flooring options, the epoxy flooring does not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, it’s so easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe off dusts that have gotten into the floor.

Apply the epoxy coating with self levelling products when coating it on top of an existing concrete surface.

So if you are thinking of giving your existing flooring a whole new look, opt for the epoxy flooring!

White epoxy flooring

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