Why Do Humans Decorate Their Homes?

Just like clothes reveal a lot about our personality, decorations reveal a lot about the lifestyle of people living in a home. Decorating is optional, yet most people choose to decorate both their interior and exterior spaces. Here are some answers to the question, “Why do humans decorate their homes?”

So, why do humans decorate their homes? To get the absolute feeling of ownership over space, people decorate. Decorating helps to personalize any given area, so when humans decorate, they leave their imprint on that space. Also, humans decorate to make their homes welcoming to guests.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why humans decorate their homes. We will also be talking about some affordable home decor ideas.

8 Reasons Why Humans Decorate Their Homes

There are different reasons why people decorate their homes; however, one common belief is that decorations are essential in homes. While people decorate for various reasons, the effect remains profound in different homes. Here are some reasons why humans decorate their homes.

1. To Personalize Their Space

Identity is an essential part of human existence, and the home is one of the few places that bear evidence of personality. When making decisions about your home decoration, you are free to choose whichever color, design, and features you like. You are also allowed to use these elements in any manner – based on your personal preferences.

The choice afforded to you as an occupant of a home when decorating makes it possible to personalize your spaces and make them tell whichever story you want them to tell.

2. Comfort

When you personalize your spaces with decorations, you become more comfortable living and moving around in those spaces. Comfort starts from having peace of mind that your home is well-decorated; you don’t have to feel weird about receiving a visitor if your home is in good shape.

People decorate because they have the luxury of choice when decorating; they get to arrange spaces in such ways that will make it easy for them to move around and do other essential things.

3. Special Events

Another reason why humans decorate their homes is festivities. From time to time, special events arise, and they require special celebrations with distinct decorations. Have you ever imagined a Christmas without decorations?

Birthday parties, weddings, house warming, and a lot of other joyous occasions need decorations to have the right mood. These several events have particular themes you will do well to stick to when decorating.

4. To Maintain or Increase the Resale Value

How the exterior and the interior spaces of a house look affects the cost of the property. Nobody wants to pay a lot of money for a property that has an ugly landscape or looks bland on the inside. Repainting a house alone can increase the value of a home by a considerable amount.

You don’t have to wait until you decide to sell your house to decorate. Make sure you decorate from time to time to keep the house in good condition; this will help maintain or increase the value of the home as time goes by.

5. To Signify the Beginning of a New Journey

Humans also decorate when they are about to begin a new adventure. For example, a newly married couple will want to decorate their living space in celebration of the wedding and a new life together.

It may be retirement, a divorce, or the birth of a child. A decorative effort on your home will help beautify your interior and make the atmosphere welcome for the new journey you are about to embark upon.

6. Hospitality

Humans are social beings that entertain from time to time. If you receive visitors in your home, you need to decorate so that your home can be more welcoming. We all want to maintain good standing in social gatherings; believe it or not, word will go round about the state of your home decor when people start visiting you.

Excellent decorations will make your home welcoming to guests, and your decorative efforts will get commended in your social gatherings.

7. To Upgrade

When there is significant progress in your career, it should reflect in the state of your home. When you get a new promotion, and you can afford it, spend money on decorating your home.

A lot of people think you need to spend a lot on home decorations; however, the truth is that you don’t have to spend more than you can afford. Decorating can be as simple as applying a new coat of paint or buying some curtains.

8. To Use Extra Space

When you have too much space in your home, you should decorate to use up space. Space should never be wasted; nonetheless, when people have space that they don’t have a specific use for, they decorate.

At times, you find out that you have small awkward spaces in your home. Place a small table, some flowers, or piece of art; you will be shocked at how beautiful that small awkward space can be.

Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

While home decoration is essential, it doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are planning to decorate your home, here are some cheap ideas you can use:

DIY: This is like the best thing you can do if you’re decorating on a budget. It is best to hire a professional interior decorator, however, if you can’t afford one, go ahead and decorate yourself. Apart from installing decorative features yourself, you can make some of these features.

Paint: Painting a room is one of the cheapest ways to transform the look. If you have been pushing back on decorating because of cost, you can simply change the paint in both your interior and exterior. Painting by yourself will reduce the cost of home decoration significantly.

Fabric: Just like paint does, the right material will go a long way in changing the look of an interior space; more so when the color complements other colors in the room. If you think about it, a lot of features in homes are made from fabric: curtains, bed covers, pillows, rugs, and upholstery. Simply replace these fabrics when you are ready to decorate; it beats buying entirely new stuff.

Use woodwork: If you are handy and know a little woodwork, there is no limit to the number of decorations you can make. The exciting thing about wood decorations is that you don’t need much wood to make them; all you need is leftover wood from other projects.

Buy cheap artwork: If a particular piece is not popular, there usually is no way to tell how cheap or expensive it is. After using other decorations, art pieces can help complete the look. You can even make some art pieces by yourself.


These reasons discussed are responsible for people’s choices to decorate their homes. For these same reasons, you should also decorate your home. If you are worried about the cost implication of decorations, we have discussed some affordable decoration ideas you can use whenever you are ready to decorate.

The reasons why people choose to decorate are not limited to the ones discussed above. For some people, it is an essential part of their culture, while for others, it comes down to preference. All in all, decorations are essential in homes, and you should do everything you can to decorate yours.

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