Modern House Concepts from Around the World

Modern or contemporary house plans are absolutely departed from traditional architecture. Elegant and sophisticated house designs with a futuristic touch have been popular among leading architectures since the second half of the 20th century.

Modern House Concepts from Around the World

Timeless simplicity inherent in modern house design works great for individual owners as well as for big families.
If you are wondering how to build a modern house, the whole impression is based on the architecture. Start with simple proportions and clean lines and pay attention to prevalence of natural light.

Architecture modern house design

Modern houses can’t be imagined without a mix of industrial materials, like steel, concrete, vinyl, and glass, both outside and inside. They help to create a futuristic atmosphere of freedom.

Modern house plans often offer flexible living space and its flexible usage. This option is one of the main characteristics of contemporary architecture because it raises the home’s functionality to a new level.

Advanced floor plan emphasizes the modern house concept, especially if it’s open.

Modern house with pool exterior

One of the most popular and simple modern house features is to have plenty of windows. They make the house space visually bigger and provide a connection to the outdoors. Modern windows also look superb from the outside, and, moreover, you can enjoy stunning views if your modern house has a picturesque location.

Modern house with best interior

Many of modern house plans include steel stairs that add some boldness, structure, and futuristic mood to the concept.

Speaking about modern house interior, minimalist decorative elements are preferred. “Less is more” rule plays into your hands. Several unique details with innovative touch are excellent supporters for the progressive architecture of your modern house.

Modern house design ideas

Usually a variety of colors, prints, and patterns are rarely used in modern house designs. It’s better to rely on the basic color palette and a few decorative emphases to refresh the space.

Modern house roofs are different from traditional ones. They are often constructed flat in order to underline the general futuristic concept. The other choice is geometrical sloped roofs, which look a bit dramatic and are pretty practical.

Modern house with geometrical sloped roof

Innovations are the best friends of modern house owners. Not just considering design, but also functionality. Search for new useful options! For example, choose solar cell panels on the roof as the main or additional energy source.

Modern house designs begin with the entrance. Make it impressive! It can be asymmetric, have its own small roof, be decorated with neon, and much more.

Awesome modern house lighting

Modern house for small area

Modern house lighting ideas

Modern house with glass wall

Modern house with outdoor pool

Off white modern house concept

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