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How to Choose The Perfect Cellular Shades

It is not a film of Jason Statham or even a cell phone brand. Cellular shade is one from many windows treatments or decorations. It is a family member of blind and shades for the window.

So, what is the difference between cellular shades and blinds or shades that normally installed for the window? This article will give you a “walk-through” about Cellular Shades in grey Cellular Shades

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The differences between ordinary blinds and shades with cellular shades are:

Blinds/Shades : You can adjust or control the light and Insulation is not considered

Cellular Shades : Blocking the UV light from coming through and More privacy as there will be no holes

Besides, cellular shades are made from poly cotton fabric that will finely deal with the water and mostly the material is treated to be stain resistant.Cellular Shades for a cozy living room

So, the above short explanation can help you to decided whether you need to have blinds/shades or cellular shades.

Cellular shade is also called honeycomb shade as its shape. Unlike the usual window shades, buying cellular shades or honeycomb shades can be confusing as you must consider the range of cell size. In the market, you will find wide ranges like 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2″, 3/4″… etc.

Then how can you decide the proper size for your window? Don’t be so frustrated, I will explain it again for you. Measure your windows before spending your money.Cellular Shades for contemporary house

3/8” cells of cellular shade are the small one. It will look proportional for small window. This size is good for bathroom too as it will add insulation and it means to have more privacy or it is good for a window with shallower depths.

1/2” or 9/16” is considered medium size of cellular shades. This size has more benefits than the previous one. It is the most popular cell size among the other cells’ sizes and you have many selections. The size is applicable for any window sizes as well as you can customize the light control and lift options.Cellular Shades for living room

Large cellular shade is 3/4”. It is the most proportional size for wider windows. However, even it is big in size but the weight is lighter.

Those are the main points that you must know about cellular shades. The rest is yours like selecting the patterns such as solid colors or printed one. Now, it is the time to find your size at Levolor, there you can adjust your blinds and shades with just a simple click!

Cellular Shades for wide window

Cellular Shades in light grey color

Cellular Shades with lining pattern

Cellular Shades with rustic style

minimalist Cellular Shades concept

off white Cellular Shades color

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