13 Most Luxury Design Concepts for Staircases

Have a lot of family members, but you have a small house? Creating a terraced house can be the best option for you. When you build a terraced house, of course, you need a staircase to support it. A lot of models and styles of staircase are available today that can easily fit your house’s concept.

Luxury Design Concepts for Staircases

Staircases are becoming more trendy for all sizes and models of homes. The reason for this is due to staircases being able to increase the beauty and elegance of your house while also increasing its space area. The number of design concepts for staircases can vary, including straight, round, or two or more straight pieces connected by an angle.

For modern design concepts, we find some unique ideas which are call “open” staircase models. These have a vertical portion between each tread that’s missing which shows only treads without cantilevers. This modern design concept for staircases isn’t suitable if you have young children as they can potentially fall through them.

If you do have small children, it would better to use a simple model for your staircase which has safety grips or handrails. The types of handrails are also varied. Some staircases use handrails and others do not. The choice really comes down to your design preference.

Best Staircase Models for Your Home

So, how do you choose the best staircase model for your lovely house?

First of all you need to measure the area of your space so you can determine the extent of which the stairs extend. This area and the placement of your stairs will influence the model and size of your staircase design.

The second step is to know who will be using the staircase. If you have small children, you’ll need to take into account the level of safety required. As we discussed earlier, an “open” stair concept is not recommended. In this situation, you’ll need to calculate the handrails you’ll have installed to ensure maximum safety.

The third step is to pick the best materials which are safe and suitable for your home and budget. The materials you’ll need to think about will be used for the handrail, treads, and accessories, such as carpet and lamps.

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