16 Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

This year, you should do something different on Valentine’s Day, not the usual outgoing stuff. Decorate your bedroom and celebrate love at home with your significant other. Here are some romantic bedroom decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day that will spark up the romance.

What are some romantic bedroom decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day? Balloon decorations, lighting candles, and using decorative lights are exciting ways for creating the perfect Valentine’s Day decor. Simple things like changing the bedding and adding canopies can have a significant decorative effect.

Let’s discuss these decorating ideas in detail. We will also go into the history of Valentine’s Day and why we celebrate it.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Not everyone believes in the story behind the celebration. However, the opportunity to celebrate love doesn’t come every day; this is why Valentine’s Day is a significant day. To have a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration with your lover, you need to plan.

If you are thinking about doing something different this year, you should spend the day at home with your partner. You will, however, need to do some unique work on your interior to create an atmosphere of love. One of such is decorating your bedroom to make it a more romantic setting. To assist you in this process, here are 16 romantic bedroom decorating ideas.

1. Choose a Decorating Theme or Structure

Having a theme in mind before you start decorating is like setting guidelines. A good theme will ensure you have matching elements, or at least, decorative features that will match each other. With a good theme, you can easily include other decorations to create a romantic atmosphere.

2. Flowers

These are like the most crucial valentine decorative feature. With many people buying flowers for lovers and many buying them for decorations, the Valentine’s Day period is usually one of the busiest for florists. Arrange flower bouquets all over your room, and if you can afford to, spread petals all over the floor and bed.

3. Candles

Candles are one of the decorating features suitable for all seasons. They can blend with any theme; Christmas, New Year, and even Valentine’s Day. Get several candles with decorative candle holders and light them all over your room; you can either go for ordinary candles or scented ones. When lighting candles, keep them from any combustible material to prevent a fire incident.

4. Balloon Bouquet

This is another romantic decorating idea for your bedroom on Valentine’s Day. Balloon bouquets are not hard to make; one of the easiest ways is to arrange the balloons at varying heights such that they cascade down. With red being the color of love, you should go for red and white balloons.

5. Lighting

A lot of people underestimate the effect of lighting in creating romantic effects. For Valentine’s Day decorations, make sure the lights are quite dim because bright lights tend to highlight everything else in the room. Soft lighting is the best lighting type to create a romantic atmosphere.

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6. Mirrors

Mirrors can only be the right decorative feature when the lighting is good. Arrange mirrors in such a way that they will reflect the dim light, making the atmosphere more pleasant.

7. Gallery Wall

Apart from being a romantic decorative feature, a gallery wall is a beautiful thing to have in the bedroom you share with your lover. This way, you get to wake up to moments you have shared.

 8. DIY Love Letter

Imagine the look on your lover’s face when he or she reads a love letter detailing the things you love about him or her. It will be quite profound. If are not very good at expressing your feelings, you can get love quotes that your partner will appreciate from the internet. To make it more interesting, you should frame the letter.

9. Pleasing Aromas

You may need to do better than just pleasing the eyes. To create the perfect romantic setting, you need to touch other senses. There are some ways you can create a pleasing aroma. You can use scented candles, air fresheners, sweet-smelling flowers, or essential oils.

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10. Etch Initials in Wood

If you’re into woodworking, this will be very easy for you, and if you’re not, you can easily carry out this project. For some reason, a tree stump or log seems perfect for this decoration. Carve your initials and that of your lover, then place the wood somewhere visible.

11. Flowery Bedspread

Just like having petals all over your floor and bed, a flowery bedspread will create a beautiful decorative effect and spark up the romance between you two. While rose petals are sweet, a bedspread with flower patterns will last for many years.

12. Valentine’s Day Garland

You can also hang a Valentine’s Day garland on your wall to make the room look unique. Garlands are easy to make, so you don’t have to go to the store before you can get them. It is better to make them yourself; so that you can customize them for Valentine’s Day.

13. Use Rich Fabric for Your Bedding

Apart from using flowery bedding, make sure that the fabrics are soft. Velvet and velour are perfect fabrics that will look very good on your bed and still give that soft and comfortable feeling.

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14. Flower Wall Headboard

Technically, this is not like making real headboards. Arrange decorative flowers hanging from the ceiling down at the top of your bed. A flower wall will decorate and at the same time act as a headboard.

15. Change Your Window Curtains

Your current window curtains may not be suitable for Valentine’s Day if you are trying to create a romantic atmosphere. Choose plush and dark window curtains so that they can decorate and block light from the exterior.

16. Add a Canopy to Your Bed

This can be as simple as making canopy drapes or as hard as making elegant canopies. One thing is sure; a canopy will make your bed look more exquisite and romantic.

Why We Celebrate Valentine’s Day

There are different versions of the Valentine’s Day story. However, what is common to all of them is that is all started with Saint Valentine. Also, all the stories talk about him as a martyr. One of the various legends is that he was a priest who conducted secret weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry before he was caught and jailed.

Another story tells us that he refused to convert to paganism, and Roman Emperor Claudius II imprisoned him. While in prison, he cared for his jailer’s daughter and cured her blindness, according to what the stories say. Before execution, he wrote the lady a love message signed in his name.

As a result of these various legends, people came to know Saint Valentine as the patron saint of love. A couple of centuries later, February 14 was proclaimed St. Valentine’s Day. Ever since then, it has been the one day of the year when lovers celebrate each other.


No effort should be spared in preparing for a Valentine’s Day celebration with your lover. It doesn’t matter if you are going out or staying home to celebrate. These romantic ideas discussed above will help you create the perfect decor for an amazing celebration of love.

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