20 Best Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Gothic bedroom designs are becoming more and more popular these days. In the past, Gothic architecture was commonly seen on religious monuments and in old vampire movies. Nowadays, Gothic designs are also evident in interior designing.

Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Among the most important elements in a Gothic design are pointed arches. Fireplaces, wooden ceiling beams, and other elements that are reminiscent of the medieval period are also used.

Follow these ideas for your Gothic inspired bedroom.

Awesome gothic bedroom ideas

Best gothic bedroom ideas

Use beds that have a typical pointed arch design. Choose those that are made of dark wood and wrought iron materials since these types of furniture clearly evokes a Gothic vibe.

Black gothic bedroom ideas

Make the space look even more inviting by decorating it with leather upholstery. Use an ample sized bed for the master bedroom. Moreover, place a dark leather sofa on one side of the bed.

Black gothic bedroom

Comfortable gothic bedroom ideas

Fill your space with wrought iron furniture. Include elegant decorative items, like chandeliers and sconces, to make the space stand out. In addition, look for accessories that give off a Gothic vibe.

Decorate your bedroom space with intricately designed chairs. Invest in one of those elaborately designed metal lamps. Or better yet, look for religious art pieces and antique furniture at some vintage shops. These decors can give your Gothic bedroom a one of a kind look.

Elegant gothic bedroom

Gothic bedroom design

Infuse some colors in your Gothic bedroom design in order for your space not to look dreary. For instance, you can accessorize with dark pink sofa. Otherwise, paint one side of the wall in pink or other colors.

For a chic Gothic bedroom design, opt for the pink and black combination.

Gothic bedroom ideas

Gothic style is often characterized by sophistication and mysticism. Thus, fill the space with rich colors and textures. Focus on the use of deep reds and black and then combine it with a low intensity ambient lighting.

Gothic bedroom in grey theme

Gothic bedroom in victorian style

Gothic Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Gothic bedroom interior

Start by investing in a bed that’s made from a dark wood or wrought iron. Unlike other bedroom designs, Gothic bedrooms are often dark and filled with a lot of mystery.

Use bedroom furnishings that will give your bedroom a more dramatic effect. Moreover, make your bedroom look even more relaxing by accessorizing with colorful rugs and linens.

Gothic bedroom with lining bed cover

Opt for black colors if you want your bedroom to appear even more mysterious. Fill the space with dark colored furniture. Accessorize with white touches for a more classical approach.

Gothic bedroom

Impressive gothic bedroom

Look for furniture pieces that will give off a melodramatic effect. If done right, your Gothic bedroom can appear very relaxing and charming.

Latest gothic bedroom ideas

Give your bedroom lots of character by hanging laces and drapes. Introduce accent colors in the form of pillows, linen, sheets and other bedroom accessories.

Luxury gothic bedroom

Place an artificial bouquet on your nightstand to highlight the Gothic style. Hang ample sized mirror on your wall or install a full length mirror to give the bedroom an illusion of a bigger space.

Neo gothic bedroom style

Off black gothic bedroom

Look for a cabinet with a weathered look to use as storage. Complement it with ample sized beds with black or dark red fabric to complete the Gothic inspired bedroom design. A four-poster bed is ideal for single rooms.

Rustic gothic bedroom

Paint your ceiling and walls white so that the space will be less moody. Hang sheer curtains and install a charming chandelier in the middle.

Victorian gothic bedroom

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