Cozy Bedroom Balcony Ideas

Having a bedroom balcony is a wonderful privilege. Being able to wake up in the morning, feel the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Sometimes in the middle of being bored, spending a little time to sit, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee on your bedroom balcony sounds therapeutic.

bedroom balcony with sliding glass door

The Suitable Concept

Make sure that you have design concepts that fit your bedroom and balcony. You should choose a matching floor concept, railing, and the furniture. For example, if you have a minimalist or contemporary bedroom theme, it would be great to choose a minimalist furniture and railing, ideally with a railing that’s designed with a simple line motif or plain glass with metal frame.

minimalist bedroom balcony ideas

Balcony railings take an important role here. Not only are they great for decorative purposes, railings provide many benefits. They can improve the safety of our loved ones, especially if you have children. Not only is the design important, you should choose a railing that has appropriate colors with the window or door frame.

bedroom balcony with wood flooring

Appropriate Equipment and Furniture

As mentioned above, you should choose a matching furniture concept with similar colors. Let’s take a look at the best bedroom balcony furniture materials you can choose from.

bedroom balcony with best scenery

Bedroom balconies can be categorized as an outdoor area, which means they need extra attention when it comes to material selection. You should choose furniture that’s resistant to weather changes, sun exposure, and humidity.

bedroom balcony for narrow area

If you have limited budget, synthetic material could be the best choice for you. Some synthetic materials include PE plastic rattan, wicker synthetic resin, and poly cane. These materials are designed with a high resistance to sunlight, weather, and humidity.

contemporary bedroom balcony ideas

Do you have a bigger budget and wanted to create an elegant bedroom balcony? Cypress wood, mahogany, and cedar wood would be perfect for you then. They have special characteristics and are well-suited for outdoor furniture.

simple bedroom balcony design

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors can enhance the appearance of your home very easily. Not only that, but sliding glass doors are able to give a charming impression and allow you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor scenery while relaxing in your bed. If you decide to design a bedroom balcony, glass doors are the best liaison between your bedroom and balcony.

white bedroom balcony ideas

bedroom balcony with best lighting

latest bedroom balcony ideas

bedroom balcony with basic glass door


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