Wall Mounted Toilet for Modern Bathroom Ideas

The biggest benefit of having a wall mounted toilet is that you get to save lots of space. It’s the best option for those who live in tiny apartments with a really small bathroom. These toilets also look great and are especially suitable for modern designed bathrooms.

Here are some ideas and inspirations to follow for your wall mounted toilet.

Wall Mounted Toilet Designs

Since the toilet is mounted directly into the wall, you get to save a lot of space unlike the standard type of toilet. The toilets are available in different designs, shapes, and sizes. In order to achieve harmony and balance in your bathroom design, pair the toilet with a wall mounted sink.

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Best quality of wall mounted toilet

With a wall mounted toilet, you have the freedom to decide on the exact height at which to install the toilet. This allows for utmost comfort and convenience, not to mention the fact that it offers a reasonable leg room space.

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Depending on the design that you’ll go with, these toilets look really sleek. They are suitable for modern bathrooms with minimalist decors. Make sure you choose the design that complements well with the rest of your bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Elegant wall mounted toilet

Since these toilets are suspended above the floor, they can free up a lot of space underneath. This makes your bathroom space look airy and spacious.

Furthermore, the design also makes cleaning up your bathroom a breeze. Since they’re not attached to the floor unlike most toilets, you can easily mop the area below with little effort. Cleaning the surrounding areas will also be super easy thanks to its innovative design.

Minimalist wall mounted toilet

Wall mounted toilets are truly stylish. They offer clean lines to your modern designed bathroom space. Water tanks and other fixtures are concealed, so they will not be an eyesore. It also helps to make the space look less cluttered.

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Wall Mounted Toilet Installation

Keep in mind that the water tank of a wall mounted toilet is concealed behind the wall. Thus, consider installing your wall mounted toilet during the construction of your bathroom. If you need to update your existing toilet with this design, an extensive bathroom remodelling may be required.

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Stylish wall mounted toilet

The toilet would require special mounts to prevent it from falling. Hire a professional to do the installation because installing this type of toilet is not a DIY project. The entire wall might have to be reinforced before the toilet can be installed. Look for remodeling contractors who have knowledge and experience when installing these kinds of toilets to avoid any problems.

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Wall mounted toilet for modern bathroom

Your wall mounted toilet may come loose over time because of the pressure exerted on the wall mount. Thus, it may require constant adjustment. Talk to your contractor about this and see how this can be avoided.

Wall mounted toilet for small bathroom

Wall mounted toilet ideas

A wall mounted toilet is truly a fantastic solution for those with limited space. It may be a bit expensive compared to the standard toilet, but investing on this bathroom fixture is truly worth it. Just make sure you hire a professional for the installation so they can securely install the toilet and avoid problems in the future.

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