Wooden Stairs “Pros, Cons and Budget”

Wood is the main material of various furniture, also the constituent of interior and exterior of our homes. That’s a versatile material, which will be very helpful in designing a house, starting from the foundation, floor (stairs), and furniture. Now i would like to discuss about wooden stairs.

Daybed a Multi-Purpose Furniture

Daybeds are one of the most multipurpose and well-designed piece of furniture that you can have in your living room. They functions both as seat and extra place to sleep when needed. If you have a limited space and you don’t have an extra room for your guest you can use a daybed for the […]

Closet Organizers with The Latest Concept

Sometimes we find difficulty in finding stuff we have stored in our closet, especially if we are married and has “together cupboard”. Often our stuff are swapped or mixed with our partner. Closet organizers will help to make your stuff more orderly.

Bedroom Set with Storage Ideas

Bedroom is a place to relieve fatigue and relaxing our mind after a day of activity, for sure we need to decorate it with cozy design. Sometimes we have to put various kinds of furniture in our room, but it feels not enough to cover our stuff (especially for women or marriage couple).

Varied Wall Units Design for You

Discussing about furniture, it would not be complete without the presence of wall units. Wall units designed with varied concept, start from traditional to contemporary concept. About the model, you may found simple to intricate design. Almost of wall unit made from pure wood or particle boards, also there is the combination between solid and […]

Stickley Chair for an Ethnic House

Classic concept sometimes could give elegant, ethnic or even luxury impression. Undeniable, that furniture which comes with classic or ethnic style has better quality, because they designed from pure wood material. Well, right now I want to discuss about one of famous furniture brand that designed their equipment with classical style, they are stickley furniture.

Edra Furniture Most Innovative and Unique

Talking about famous furniture company in the world, of course we should not overlook about Edra Furniture. Edra furniture is come in the top 10 best furniture brands in the world. It was founded in 1987 at Tuscany, they are modern Italian furniture industry. They applied high-tech and innovative design in each of their product.

Outdoor Bar Best Gathering Place Ever

Have a wide house area? It would be best to design a beautiful garden with comfortable equipment such as outdoor bar or dining place. Of course, we are familiar with outdoor dining design, but for modern home it would be better to build an outdoor bar ideas.

Kitchen Island a Multifunctional Furniture

I’m sure everyone needs a various kinds of equipment to be placed at their house. Start from their living room, dining room, and kitchen equipment. Discussing about kitchen’s equipment, of course we cannot turn away from Kitchen Island. That is multifunctional equipment which is much needed.

Folding Furniture “Stylish in Narrow Space”

Designing a home sometime becomes difficult and complicated case, creative and innovative ideas are needed. Some aspects also need to be considered, such as room space, equipment, theme and much more. Having small space of home and want to have complete equipment? Folding furniture would be a perfect option for you.