Designing Staircase Railing by Yourself

A fine-looking staircase has the potential of becoming an exquisite focal point in the house; in fact, the interior designers have been focusing on the stair as their main projects. A gorgeous staircase is defined by several aspects. Their design is the most important one, but the railing has gradually altered from simple looks providing […]

Basic Steps in Decorating your Outdoor Furniture

If your garden is still empty and you never really have a thought about decorating it then you should consider these; warm temperatures, bright blue skies, and breezy wind are there waiting for you outside and you still sitting inside the house doing nothing about it.

IKEA Monkey Kitchen

IKEA Monkey kitchen (IKEA monkeys around your kitchen) is the latest innovation from IKEA Company. This is the latest campaign which so inspiring, unique and interesting for sure. Forget about your old kitchen design, make your kitchen more lively, unique and joyful.

Compact House The New Innovation

Sometimes we need a fresh idea to decorate our beloved home. Frequently, most people are looking for a unique design, to make their house different than other. Compact house is certainly no stranger for us, that’s one of unique design idea which became a popular topic until now.

Contemporary Lighting for The Perfect Design

Contemporary is well-known topic, interesting to talk about and it has no end. This concept brings fresh, latest and most stylish design. In home decorating, contemporary is not limited to furniture and home theme only, it would be interesting to applied at our home lighting concept too. A contemporary lighting can increase the beauty and […]

Edra Furniture Most Innovative and Unique

Talking about famous furniture company in the world, of course we should not overlook about Edra Furniture. Edra furniture is come in the top 10 best furniture brands in the world. It was founded in 1987 at Tuscany, they are modern Italian furniture industry. They applied high-tech and innovative design in each of their product.

Folding Furniture “Stylish in Narrow Space”

Designing a home sometime becomes difficult and complicated case, creative and innovative ideas are needed. Some aspects also need to be considered, such as room space, equipment, theme and much more. Having small space of home and want to have complete equipment? Folding furniture would be a perfect option for you.

Stainless Steel Bath Accessories

Stainless steel generally has good points to be used for making many goods like furniture, households and kitchen’s utensils and even for bath accessories.

Christopher Guy Beds The Fabulous Design

Christopher Guy Beds are one of classic style furniture among others. It has ethnic model with best wood quality material. The classic style from this furniture serves the comfortable view for us. Same as the other furniture company, Christopher Guy Beds have varied and up to date styles.

Christopher Guy Sofas with Perfect Style

Sofa become as primary furniture that should place at our home. There are available hundreds or maybe thousands brands of sofa. Right now we will discuss about one of most famous furniture brands in the world “Christopher Guy Sofa”. That’s not the first time we discuss about them. Before, we have discussed about Christopher Guy […]