Points to Consider before You Choose White Leather Couch Covers

You like white leather couch covers, but is it easy to keep them cleaned and cared? You must consider several points before you choose white leather couch covers, because your kids, pets and guests enjoy eating casually sitting on the couch. It is very important for the white leather couch covers to look like new […]

Most Inspiring Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

People used to enjoy plastering their bedroom with wallpaper until the 1980’s when all of a sudden people get bored with the dull and flowery patterns. Wall paintings then quickly replace the former paper. However for the past five years, wallpaper is back to the game; today’s wallpapers are nothing like how it used to, […]

Designing Staircase Railing by Yourself

A fine-looking staircase has the potential of becoming an exquisite focal point in the house; in fact, the interior designers have been focusing on the stair as their main projects. A gorgeous staircase is defined by several aspects. Their design is the most important one, but the railing has gradually altered from simple looks providing […]

Basic Steps in Decorating your Outdoor Furniture

If your garden is still empty and you never really have a thought about decorating it then you should consider these; warm temperatures, bright blue skies, and breezy wind are there waiting for you outside and you still sitting inside the house doing nothing about it.

DIY – Closet Shelves Ideas

Storage has been a big problem for most houses; the closet in their houses always seems not big enough, no matter how big they are it feels like there is no enough space to place their belongings. The real problem is actually the way they organize it, they just put their stuff everywhere on top […]

Daybed a Multi-Purpose Furniture

Daybeds are one of the most multipurpose and well-designed piece of furniture that you can have in your living room. They functions both as seat and extra place to sleep when needed. If you have a limited space and you don’t have an extra room for your guest you can use a daybed for the […]

Closet Organizers with The Latest Concept

Sometimes we find difficulty in finding stuff we have stored in our closet, especially if we are married and has “together cupboard”. Often our stuff are swapped or mixed with our partner. Closet organizers will help to make your stuff more orderly.

6 Best Online Furniture Stores in USA

Ballard Designs They provide hundreds of European-inspired item. Not only serve customers from USA only, but also various countries in the world. I listed this online furniture stores in the first list, because by simply visit this online store, you will get everything you need.

20 Stylish and Cozy Living Rooms

You just buy a house or you want to renovate your living room? For sure, you want to have a stylish living room which giving an extra comfort. Well, here is the correct place you. I would like to share 20 stylish and cozy living rooms, which so inspiring.

Bedroom Set with Storage Ideas

Bedroom is a place to relieve fatigue and relaxing our mind after a day of activity, for sure we need to decorate it with cozy design. Sometimes we have to put various kinds of furniture in our room, but it feels not enough to cover our stuff (especially for women or marriage couple).