6 Best Online Furniture Stores in USA

Ballard Designs They provide hundreds of European-inspired item. Not only serve customers from USA only, but also various countries in the world. I listed this online furniture stores in the first list, because by simply visit this online store, you will get everything you need.

Stickley Chair for an Ethnic House

Classic concept sometimes could give elegant, ethnic or even luxury impression. Undeniable, that furniture which comes with classic or ethnic style has better quality, because they designed from pure wood material. Well, right now I want to discuss about one of famous furniture brand that designed their equipment with classical style, they are stickley furniture.

Henkel Harris Furniture the Ethnic Touch

Henkel Harris is America’s finest furniture, Mary Henkel was the founder of this company. Henkel Harris furniture is based on the European design. You can found varied antique European equipment here. They have best quality product which designed with finest material and wonderful concept.

Christopher Guy Sofas with Perfect Style

Sofa become as primary furniture that should place at our home. There are available hundreds or maybe thousands brands of sofa. Right now we will discuss about one of most famous furniture brands in the world “Christopher Guy Sofa”. That’s not the first time we discuss about them. Before, we have discussed about Christopher Guy […]

Christopher Guy Living Room Ideas

Get confused how to design a living room that matches with your house concept? Well, not need to get confused anymore, here I want to share a brilliant idea about Christopher Guy Living Room. That doesn’t mean that Christopher Guy has a handbook or sharing their idea for you, but here I want to share […]

Christopher Guy Furniture “The Famous Products”

Christopher Guy Furniture is one of worlds finest furnishings, this company listed in 5th most famous furniture brands ever. Christopher is an international designer, he is born in Britain and residing between LA, Singapore and Europe. He transferred elegance, grace and sophistication in a wonderful decorative furnishing style.

Reading Nook with Comfortable Design

Reading is one kind of hobbies, usually people need a quiet and comfortable place when they are reading besides the proper lighting in there.

Study Room Furniture Ideas

Study room is specially designed for studying where there we need to focus and relax. To support the process, simply we need a comfortable place as well as comfortable furniture. Today, there many study room furniture that specially designed for all ages.

Wallpaper for Walls for Attractive Interior

There are many ways to make our home interior looks beautiful, attractive and comfortable. Regardless the taste or style we like, some people sometimes feel bored for the current home interior and they start thinking for a new atmosphere. For example, we maybe feel that the current plain color of our wall looks dull and […]

10 Most Desirable Bath Accessories

Taking bath or shower is not only clean our body with soap and water. You may do so in one condition that you maybe in hurry or else, your activity are not perfect. To be completely refreshing our body and to make it perfectly clean and healthy, we need bath accessories.