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A home must be the best place for its owner to take rest after a hectic day and as a palace for the whole family member. There should be a feeling of peaceful, comfort and safe. However, sometimes you feel bored when you just stay at home for the whole day. If you feel so, then one of the possibilities is caused by the house style or in particular about the decoration. The style or the decoration absolutely will influence our mood.

To overcome the current problem, maybe we need to make over our house in different style for its interior as a vintage house style for example. There are some easy and simple ways to redecorate the house. It is not necessary for you to buy new things for your home to make it different.

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First of all, take your attention for your home wall since it is the biggest part to start. To have a vintage house feeling we must mix some architectural styles. Start with paint that will make a vintage look and apply some layers on it. If it is difficult for you, then simply use vintage style wallpapers that widely available in some stores. Use dark color to get an antique finish if you want to.

Then decorate the wall with your old family photo or even your old photo using a vintage style frame. Alternatively, you can hang some vintage decorations such as rustic wooden sign or some old advertising or some old photos in the era of 1950s maybe instead hanging a famous artwork on your wall.

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To support your vintage house feeling, add an antique wall lamp. The light effect of a dim light will bring you to the era of 1990 or even older. It will be so dramatic.

Give rest to your modern sofa for the time being. French design chairs are the example for supporting the vintage house style combined with a twisted iron chandelier.

Additionally, you can decorate the floor with a carpet with chessboard pattern. Select the carpet with soft material and place it in strategic place.

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Vintage House exterior ideas

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