Sliding Doors for Interior and Exterior Design

Sliding door is an alternative door that used for home. The sliding door has simple characteristic and flexible. The function of this door itself is not only for home door but also as wall or room divider. Sliding doors can create an accent for our home or room style.

The room style will look more elegant and prety luxurious, however, it must be supported by its color aspect and materials used.

Sliding door has the function as other ordinary doors. However, this will safe more space especially if the area is small. Applying this concept for our home is not only for elegant style only. To get a maximal result you will spend extra money. Consequently, before changing your ordinary door to sliding door, please consider your budget first. The reason is the door rail is not cheap. It is different with hatching door that has cheaper price.

sliding doors for kitchen

How to choose a sliding door for your interior style?

You must consider the followings when using a sliding doors:

  1. Do you really need sliding doors?

You must know why you need sliding doors for interior design, so that you will be easy to decide the type of sliding doors you need.

  1. The material

This is one of the important part. You must check the material before everything as it will not only give you a style for your interior but also it should be look modern.

  1. Privacy

One of the main reason for each door is giving you privacy for the area itself.

glasses sliding doors ideas

Sliding Doors for Home Exterior Use

1. Material

Since you will put it as home exterior, so you must differentiate the material such as glass, a solid wood, aluminum or combination between them. Those materials are will stay longer throughout the years in all weather condition.

2. Style

Different with interior sliding doors, the exterior it must shows the characteristic of your home design. Remember, it will be your home main gate, so it will attract your guests at their first sight.

sliding doors with 2 materials

sliding doors with soft wood color

sliding doors for bedroom

minimalist sliding doors concept

best sliding doors concept

sliding doors with dark glass

wooden sliding doors

awesome sliding doors design

glass sliding doors material

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