Modular Sofa for Huge Living Room Appearance

In the living room you can design it with your own style, in here you can choose modern and also traditional concept for it. Like the modular sofa, you can design your living room with it to make your place more huge rather than rounded or sectional sofa. In this era there are many people want to make their living room more simple but they choose that with luxury concept and elegant model to make the atmosphere of that room more comfort and affordable. They are also make someone feel enjoy when he or she visit our home especially for our living room.

Modular Sofa for modern living room

There are two kind of modular sofas are traditional and modern concept. For the traditional modular sofa the concept of that is that model of it is simple. In here the material of that are leather, simple fabric without motive, and also sponge as the deep material on its. For the first design is you can put that with simple fabric material and you can combine it with small pillow for the seats which that material are made from the leather with leaf motive of its.

colorful Modular Sofa ideas

To make that more beauty you can put four small pillow with different model for the first is light purple color and without motive on it. For the second one is with leather model without motive too and for the third is with leather motive, for the last one is also with floral motive. You can combine that with choose small carpet which that material is made from the feather and in the backside of that you can put the big picture of forest view.

Modular Sofa with colorful concept

Beside the right of modular sofa you can put two big vase and in the other side you can put the small table and you can put the classical lamp, vases with plastic flower and you can put two candles holders to make that room more traditional. For the modern model of that if your living room in the middle or smile size, so you can put the long modular sofa with four different color and motive, and also you can put two small sofa beside and in front that sofa. To make that room more modern you can put carpet which it material is from feather and for the color is grey.
Modular Sofa with white color
Modular Sofa with maroon theme
Modular Sofa for wide room
Modular Sofa for contemporary room

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