Modern Bedroom Ideas

Modern Bedroom lighting

I think once you close your eyes, you cannot distinguish whether your bedroom has contemporary style or old-fashioned design. However, let ask you something before you sleep, do you feel comfortable with your current bedroom? Oh come on, you nod off already.

I will leave a note for you so that once you wake I hope you will read it.

Dear “Sleepyhead”

When you are planning to make your bedroom more comfortable and look modern, there will be one thing to consider, the style of your bedroom is all about you because a modern bedroom is not about to make significant changes.

Modern Bedroom with stylish model

There is only “big job” to do, understanding the furniture layout. That is the biggest decision you have to make. Like I have discussed previously, “modern bedroom” it means simple. So simply adjust your furniture accordingly. Put the furniture you want as long as your room space will not get cramped. Decide wisely what kind and shape of furniture you must put in and in the same time you still have open space to play. I believe you don’t want to sleep in the storage room like.

Now, let me help you making your modern bedroom’s layout.

  • Check your room space even you need more than one dresser and two nightstands. If it will make your room cramped than don’t do it. Try to visualize the furniture you want to bring in is fit your room and yet still leaving more space for walking.
  • If you have a big room and you want to make it as master bedroom, you can add day bed or chaise lounge. One is enough along with standing lamp beside it. You can add a coffee bar if you want to. In addition, placing a nice closet to store your large clothes collection is a smart idea too.

Modern Bedroom with japanese style

Then, after the “big job” is done, now the time to choose the color and its decoration. As this is will be your room, so pick one that reflect your personality. My personal opinion is picking a relaxing color is much better for your sleeping place. If you are not sleeping alone, then ask your partner to have one idea to sleep happily.

About the decoration, I think it is not a good idea to have some photographs on your modern bedroom. I prefer to use patterned wallpaper instead or if you like you can choose any other decorations that will not be over stimulating or giving sleep trouble.

Modern Bedroom ideas

Modern Bedroom decorating

Modern Bedroom ith comfortable design

Modern Bedroom lighting

Modern Bedroom with white furniture

Modern bedroom in grey theme

Modern bedroom lighting

Modern bedroom with glass wall

Modern bedroom