Kitchen Textile Give Beauty Appearance at Your Kitchen

Kitchen textile means dining and kitchen collection which contains the range of kitchen and tableware accessories that will make your ideal home  and they will attract by your family and friends. To make your kitchen brighten with different  colors and attractive accessories like cotton napkins, butter dishes which are hand painted, colorful teaspoons and many more.

All About Kitchen Textile Edition

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Round Grass Coasters:

This is a hand dyed coaster glass which is in a round vibrantly style which contains 10 cm diameter. You can find in varied colors such as pink, natural, black, lime, teal and others etc.

Wooden Cardy Spoon:

We want every accessories to look perfect so what about the spoons. It looks very awkward when we just put our spoons on a table so we have one of the unique accessory, it is a wooden Cardy spoon which has a space between thumb and finger. It is perfectly fitted into it. Its length is  8cmX3.5 cm. It is for teas and sugars. Its cost is Euro 2.50.

Heart Shape Serving Dish:

It is a small white heart shape serving dish. Its looks very attractive and beautiful. For dishwasher use it is perfect. You can give as a gift for a wedding ceremony or as a gift for a new home. Its material is porcelain. If we talk about its height its height is 9cm, its width is 9cm and its depth is 4cm. Its weight is 180 grams. Its cost is Euro 2.00

Sandwich Wrap Bag:

We want an ideal packing if we are giving something for the lunch for our child we prefer to give in a plastic bad but its not too much hygienic. So there is sandwich bag which provides you economical and friendly environment. We can put the sandwich on this bag and close with the Velcro tag and it can easily use over and over again. Your food will be safe and clean.

Kitchen Textile and The Description

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